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Shine! The book that will lead to your interview success!

April 13, 2012 Posted by

Shine! - The 7 Steps System To Selling Yourself, Getting That Dream Job And Enjoying The Interview ProcessAt last ‘Shine! The 7 Steps System To Selling Yourself, Getting That Dream Job And Enjoying The Interview Process’ is here and is a FREE resource for you.

I have decided to give away this valuable book.

All you have to do is complete the sign-in form to the right of this in the sidebar.

You will then have access to this excellent book.


This book is for you if:

You are going for your first job interview, or have been trying for some time – the Shine System guides you to success.

You are unsure how to prepare for your interview -the Shine System gives you the step-by-step fail safe guide.

You have had some setbacks from previous interviews – the Shine System reaffirms your skills and renews your self-belief.

You are affected by nerves – the Shine System gives you techniques to control and banish those nerves.


The 7 Steps System was developed in a practical training environment and has been used by 100?s of delegates to great success. This is a proven System.  This System changes the way you look at interviews and being interviewed.  I developed this guide so that the System could be readily available to more people than I could possibly train individually.  I created it to be fully accessible and easy to follow as if I am training you personally.

Here are some testimonials from recent training courses:

Training was excellent and has given me the skills I needed to have confidence in interviews. Jo Burt, Manchester UK.

The Training experience has been excellent.  Very relevant in preparing me for my next interview and future ones.  I feel a lot more relaxed about my coming interview. Thanks.  Natalie Hailwood, Manchester UK.

Melanie had my interest from the beginning of the session.  Her passion for her work came through and helped me to believe in myself.  Melanie helped me to begin my preparation.  Excellent training  well worth it and has helped during this very difficult time.  Caroline Sullen, Manchester UK.

The Training has helped me feel more confident in myself and about preparing for interviews.  Denise Murton UK.

Very relevant! Just at the right time! It has already had an impact on the way I perceive interviews. Michelle Swann, UK.

Today has made me feel much more confident about the whole interview process.  Debbie Baxter, UK.

Good course gave me the ability to be able to prepare in confidence with a focused starting point.  It really has impacted on my state of mind and confidence.  Lynne Swindlehurst, UK.

The content was extremely relevant.  It has given me an insight and the capability to apply up and coming jobs with confidence.  Jan Bradburn, UK

It gives you a concrete System of how to prepare physically, emotionally and mentally for your interview.
If you want that Dream Job then this shows you how to get there.  It will involve effort and commitment on your behalf, but doesn’t everything we really want involve that?  However, that effort will have a focus with the System, making it a very productive time for you.
The difference The Seven Steps System does is to get you into the mind-sets of preparation and success using practical actions that can massively build your confidence.

The 7 Steps are:

Step 1 – Choose Positive Words To Describe Yourself
Step 2 – Skills Audit –The Pegging Technique
Step 3 – Knowing The Types Of Interview Question
Step 4 – Identifying The Potential Questions
Step 5 – Increase Your Power Leverage In The Recruitment Process
Step 6 –The Confident Self – Conquering The Fears
Step 7 – Preparation, Preparation, Preparation!

Within each of the Steps there are practical actions for you to do that naturally build up your level of confidence and motivation for success.  For example, The Pegging Technique is an original method to enable you to recall information during the interview.

So if you feel you struggle at interviews or just want to get your confidence back after some setbacks then all you have to do is complete the form in the side bar and you will have clear focus of what to do to effectively prepare for your interview.

Here’s to your interview success and fulfilling your dreams



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