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Shine! The book that will lead to your interview success!

April 13, 2012 Posted by

Shine! - The 7 Steps System To Selling Yourself, Getting That Dream Job And Enjoying The Interview ProcessAt last ‘Shine! The 7 Steps System To Selling Yourself, Getting That Dream Job And Enjoying The Interview Process’ is here and is a FREE resource for you.

I have decided to give away this valuable book.

All you have to do is complete the sign-in form to the right of this in the sidebar.

You will then have access to this excellent book.


This book is for you if:

You are going for your first job interview, or have been trying for some time – the Shine System guides you to success.

You are unsure how to prepare for your interview -the Shine System gives you the step-by-step fail safe guide.

You have had some setbacks from previous interviews – the Shine System reaffirms your skills and renews your self-belief.

You are affected by nerves – the Shine System gives you techniques to control and banish those nerves.


The 7 Steps System was developed in a practical training environment and has been used by 100?s of delegates to great success. This is a proven System.  This System changes the way you look at interviews and being interviewed.  I developed this guide so that the System could be readily available to more people than I could possibly train individually.  I created it to be fully accessible and easy to follow as if I am training you personally.

Here are some testimonials from recent training courses:

Training was excellent and has given me the skills I needed to have confidence in interviews. Jo Burt, Manchester UK.

The Training experience has been excellent.  Very relevant in preparing me for my next interview and future ones.  I feel a lot more relaxed about my coming interview. Thanks.  Natalie Hailwood, Manchester UK.

Melanie had my interest from the beginning of the session.  Her passion for her work came through and helped me to believe in myself.  Melanie helped me to begin my preparation.  Excellent training  well worth it and has helped during this very difficult time.  Caroline Sullen, Manchester UK.

The Training has helped me feel more confident in myself and about preparing for interviews.  Denise Murton UK.

Very relevant! Just at the right time! It has already had an impact on the way I perceive interviews. Michelle Swann, UK.

Today has made me feel much more confident about the whole interview process.  Debbie Baxter, UK.

Good course gave me the ability to be able to prepare in confidence with a focused starting point.  It really has impacted on my state of mind and confidence.  Lynne Swindlehurst, UK.

The content was extremely relevant.  It has given me an insight and the capability to apply up and coming jobs with confidence.  Jan Bradburn, UK

It gives you a concrete System of how to prepare physically, emotionally and mentally for your interview.
If you want that Dream Job then this shows you how to get there.  It will involve effort and commitment on your behalf, but doesn’t everything we really want involve that?  However, that effort will have a focus with the System, making it a very productive time for you.
The difference The Seven Steps System does is to get you into the mind-sets of preparation and success using practical actions that can massively build your confidence.

The 7 Steps are:

Step 1 – Choose Positive Words To Describe Yourself
Step 2 – Skills Audit –The Pegging Technique
Step 3 – Knowing The Types Of Interview Question
Step 4 – Identifying The Potential Questions
Step 5 – Increase Your Power Leverage In The Recruitment Process
Step 6 –The Confident Self – Conquering The Fears
Step 7 – Preparation, Preparation, Preparation!

Within each of the Steps there are practical actions for you to do that naturally build up your level of confidence and motivation for success.  For example, The Pegging Technique is an original method to enable you to recall information during the interview.

So if you feel you struggle at interviews or just want to get your confidence back after some setbacks then all you have to do is complete the form in the side bar and you will have clear focus of what to do to effectively prepare for your interview.

Here’s to your interview success and fulfilling your dreams



5 mistakes to avoid for job interviews

May 25, 2011 Posted by

5 mistakes to avoid for job interviews
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Women’s Fashion Tips : How to Dress for a Job Interview – Women

May 24, 2011 Posted by

A skirt that hits at a women’s knee is appropriate dress for a job interview. Dress appropriate for a job interview with tips from a fashion specialist in this free video on style advice. Expert: Rachel Youens Contact: Bio: Rachel Youens operates, a street fashion and culture site focused on the cutting-edge looks in Austin, Texas. Filmmaker: Todd Green

Job Hunting Tips : How to Promote Experiences in a Job Interview

May 22, 2011 Posted by

Its okay to brag. Learn how to land that job through maximizing your personal accomplishments in this free video clip from a professional job consultant. Expert: Tine Buechler Bio: Tine Buechler obtained her BA in adult education from Brock University in St Catherines, ON. She also graduated with a BA in sociology from the University of Western in London, ON. Filmmaker: Melissa Schenk
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5 Simple Yet Very Effective Job Interview Tips

May 18, 2011 Posted by

5 Simple Yet Very Effective Job Interview Tips

Are you ready to find a new job?  If so, now is the best time to get your job search started.  Even though you are just getting started, you should focus on the interview.  This interview is your big chance to land a well-paying position.  For the best luck, please keep these five job interview tips in mind.

1 – Be Prepared

One of the best job interview tips you’ll ever hear is to be prepared for the interview.  What should this preparation entail?  For starters, it is important to be dressed nice and professionally for your big day.  Then, it is vital that you arrive on time.  Another good method of preparation is to do a few practice interviews at home.  Whether it be in front of a mirror or with someone who can provide honest feedback, run through a few common job interview questions so that you can work on formulating your answers ahead of time.

2 – Don’t Worry

It is hard not to worry about a job interview.  It is okay to be nervous, but don’t let that nervousness overwhelm you.  Otherwise, your nervousness is likely to shine through and result in some mistakes.  Speaking of which, what if you do make a mistake?  What if you slip up or describe a job duty wrong?  No big deal!  Brush yourself off and move on; get through the rest of the job interview.

3 – Be Honest

Some individuals make the mistake of thinking it is okay to stretch the truth or outright lie during a job interview.  Why is this done?  Well, they think it will improve their job search success.  Will it?  Likely not.  Always remember that it is usually as easy as one phone call to your old employer to verify all the information you said.  If you are truly qualified for the job, just be honest. 

4 – Don’t Vent or Rant

Since you are looking for a new job, something might have gone wrong at your old job.  Maybe you got fired?  Maybe you quit because you didn’t like your boss?  Regardless, be sure to tread carefully.  Employers want an employee who is not only a team player, but a strong and professional worker.  Ranting or venting about your job, your boss, or your coworkers is likely to create some awkward moments that can hurt your chances of landing a job.

5 – End on a Thank You

Ending a job interview with a “thank you,” seems like common sense.  However, remember the nervousness?  It is easy to forget something as simple as a “thank you” since you want to leave as soon as possible and take one big huge breath.  Still, utter that all important phrase and end the job interview with a firm handshake.

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Top Five Job Interview Tips to Help You Wow! Your Interviewers and Land the Job!

May 18, 2011 Posted by

Top Five Job Interview Tips to Help You Wow! Your Interviewers and Land the Job!


Did you know that there are many different job interview tips to help wow your interviewer and land the job that you desire? Yes, that’s right! There is a secret formula of success that every potential job interview candidate should know and understand prior to the first interview.

Now, I am about to share these secret job interview tips with you! Remember, the job market is slim these days. In order to make the mark and land the position that you want and need, you have to have a competitive edge. The following is a list of what I consider to be the top five job interview tips to help you put the “WOW!” into your interview!

1. Now, we have all heard the whole spill about “presentation” and “first impressions”. While I would love to say “hey, take all that and throw it out the door”, I can’t. The truth is presentation IS everything! First impressions DO count! Keep this in mind as you’re preparing for your interview. This is a process where you get to urge an interviewer to “buy-in”. It is much like a sales presentation. In this case, however, YOU are the product.

You should ensure that you carry a copy of a professionally written resume, as well as any other valuable paperwork that can display how you can be an asset to the company in which you are applying. Practice the sales pitch, work on the objections, and above all – push for the final purchase.

2. You’ve got your eye on a particular company. You want a certain position. If you want to WOW! your interviewer, learn that company and the description of the position that you are seeking inside AND out! This is an essential job interview tip! Not only does this tell the interviewer that you are quite serious when it comes to the position that you seek, this company will develop the same respect for you that you have for them! Be in the “know” – now!

3. The next step to ensuring the overall WOW! factor of your interview is to ensure that you practice questions that may be asked of you and consider good interview questions to ask the interviewer. This will BLOW the interviewer AWAY! The “average” interviewee comes in with their nerves tied in a knot, fear blatantly etched in their faces. This is common. Most of these individuals do not have the nerves to ask questions.

Then, here you come with all this confidence and start asking away! This is impressive! By the time you get done with the interview, you will find that the person interviewing you is actually SELLING YOU the job! Pretty amazing how this works, but I have personally experienced it more than once – successfully!

4. Now, we all know looks are not everything – and, truly, they aren’t! However, a professional image IS everything if you are looking to WOW! your interviewer. Make sure that your interview clothes are appropriate, that you are well kept and that you display a visible level of confidence! By taking the time to focus on these areas, you are sure to be pleased – in the end – when it comes to the overall results of your interview!

5. Last, but not least, WOW! your interviewer by ensuring that you remain confident, act truly interested in every word that they say and interact with them! They will gain a comfort level with you, and you will do the same with them. This, above all, is sure to convince them that they absolutely MUST hire you!

That’s IT! Everything you need to know to WOW! your interviewer and land the job of your dreams in here in these job interview tips! Apply these measures, and you will quickly and comfortably travel down the road to success!


We are 4 interviewers with over 67 years of recruitment experience between us and we want to help you snag a job — your dream job. Our website provides free help and advice on all aspects of finding a job, from cover letters and resumes, to sample interview questions and answers.

Job Interview Tips – 6 Essentials to Do the Day Before the Job Interview

May 17, 2011 Posted by

Job Interview Tips – 6 Essentials to Do the Day Before the Job Interview

Use these job interview tips to be well prepared for job interview success!

Directions, Map, Contacts

Prepare the day before to make sure you get to your interview on time. Find out exactly where you have to go and who you must ask for once you are there. Get good directions, look on the map and make sure you know the best route. Work out how long it will take you, allow for traffic and parking time. Have the full name and position of the person you will be seeing and a contact number in case you need to call. Put all this information into an interview folder to take with you.

Conduct Background Research

You have time to search for company information on the internet. Find out relevant details about the employer and use these prepare your interview answers and questions. Having background information on the company helps to set you apart as a prepared and informed job candidate.

Prepare your Portfolio

Another job interview tip is to get all your documentation together the day before. Make a couple of copies of your resume and a list of your references including name, position and contact numbers. Include copies of any written references you want to give the interviewer. You may want to include work samples that are relevant to the position. Include details of the research that you have conducted on the company. Let the interviewer see that you have done your homework! Put all these into a neat, simple portfolio to give to the interviewer. Have a notebook and pen ready to jot down details during the interview.

Review your Resume

Go through your resume the day before to re-familiarize yourself with the information the interviewer has about you. Be aware of any red flags such as gaps in employment or reasons for leaving previous employers that you will need to address during the interview. Highlight these and prepare answers to any questions that may arise.

Practice your Answers and Questions

A couple of days before the interview you will have prepared answers to common job interview questions such as “What are your strengths?”, “Why are you the right candidate for this job?”, “Tell me about yourself?” Go through these answers and practice saying them out loud. You also should have prepared at least five good questions to ask the interviewer about the job, the company and the management, such as, “Please describe the company’s management style and the sort of employee who fits in well with it?” Go through these questions, feel confident about asking them, and include them in your interview folder.

Dress for Success

Find out the expected dress code for the job interview. You can call the company and speak to Human Resources or even Reception. It is usually advisable to dress more formally for the interview than the actual position requires- this shows respect for the interview process.Chosoe the appropriate clothes the day before and make sure they are clean and pressed. Shoes should be polished. Decide on any accessories you want to wear. Lay your interview clothes out ready for the next day. This saves rushing around just before the interview and getting into a spin!

Six simple job interview tips that you can do the day before your big job interview. Make the difference between feeling prepared, confident and in control or anxious and flustered about the interview.

More useful job interview tips and techniques.

Julia Penny has many years experience interviewing and placing candidates across a wide range of jobs. She offers her expertise to help job seekers prepare for and succeed in job interviews at her free website Best Job Interview

5 Job Interview Tips For Success

May 17, 2011 Posted by

5 Job Interview Tips For Success

Applying for a job? Don’t get caught off guard by surprising questions thrown at you due to poor job interview preparation. Avoid giving out answers that are considered a no-no in an interview by preparing a good game plan. Your success rate at landing the position will depend largely on your job interview preparation. Here are some job interview tips that will surely leave a positive impression on your future boss.

Communicate Confidence

You should be able to clearly express your strengths, goals, and work experiences because these are the most common questions asked by interviewers. If you are prepared to answer without stammering, then that shows that you are confident in what you are saying which makes the interviewer have confidence in what you’re saying too.

Dress For Success

How you dress for your job interview will definitely say something about yourself. Many sites and people suggest you dress different ways for different jobs. I think that’s a mistake. You should bring your “A” to every interview. I once interviewed for a part time retail position in the same suit and tie I would interview for a office job in. After I was hired the manager told me that I probably would have gotten the job anyway but that he was impressed that I took it serious enough to dress for the interview. Make sure that you dress professionally for a job interview because the first thing that your future employer will notice is the way you carry yourself and what you are wearing.

Do Your Research

You should find out the background of the company that you are applying to. Ensure that you are well informed of the company’s goals and principles so that you will be able to answer in line with their guiding principles. Internet forums specific to your field or even to the company you are applying to can provide really helpful job interview tips. Read them well and even practice an interview session with a family member or friend.

On Time, Every Time

Make sure that you arrive on time for your interview. By being on time, it means that you should be there ten to fifteen minutes earlier. Coming in earlier than that is not advisable. Furthermore, being late is no-no and will easily leave a bad impression on your interviewer. It shows that you are not taking the potential job opportunity seriously. If you are late to the interview which is supposed to be important, how will you treat everyday work deadlines? Remember that these are professional people and they value time so show your respect to their time by arriving on time.

Build A Rapport

If you are able to get the name of your interviewer, use it during the interview session. If you are unsure of your interviewer’s name, make a call to the office and ask for it before the interview date. Also, do not forget to bring another copy of your resume just in case your interviewer asks for it and be prepared as well with a list of character references. Another good job interview tip is staying calm and relaxed. Being nervous will not help you in any way in getting the job you are applying for. It is okay to ask the interviewer to clarify the question if you do not understand it the first time. It is better to ask than give out an answer that is not well thought of.

Although interviews are supposed to make you talk, avoid blabbing. Talking is different from blabbing. When you blab, you speak of things that are not related to the question. A straight and clear answer is always the best. Make sure that you have given enough time for your interview preparation to avoid being nervous and cramming when the interview day itself has arrived. Interview preparation is a must and should be given ample time for you to ace your interview and get the job. Join the Unemployed Help email list for more free tips and advice.

About the Author Leslie Drew has over five years experience interviewing job applicants, reviewing and evaluating thousands of resumes and job applications. Leslie provides the unemployed help searching for a job in this tough economy. Visit for more information.

Job Interview Tips: How to be Successful in a Job Interview

May 16, 2011 Posted by

Job Interview Tips: How to be Successful in a Job Interview


A job interview is always a two-way conversation. Any job interview for a candidate serves three purposes, first, to sell oneself, second, to analyze the position that one has applied for, and last but very important, to get their commitment or their reply in affirmative. Thus, it is essential to thoroughly prepare oneself before a job interview in order to leave a lasting impression on the interviewer. And this is where the job interview tips or hints come into the picture. These job interview tips help the candidate in preparing for the interview effectively. The job interview tips are also useful in lessening some of the stress involved in job interviews.

One of the essential job interview tips to help make the job interview successful is to research on the potential company one wants to work for. It is important to find out about the company, what products or services the company deals in and what kind of people work there by visiting the company’s website or talk to someone who is already employed there.

As they say practice makes a man perfect. Hence, one of the most essential job interview tips is to practice the answers or responses to the typical interview questions. Thinking of real life examples to show your competencies is a great way to describe the skills possessed and to promote oneself. Another one of the significant job interview tips include dressing up appropriately and smartly to make a good first impression. A more conservative and professional option for the dress code always works best in a job interview.

Being on time is also considered one of the most important job interview tips as this shows the seriousness of the candidate in the job. Also being aware of the body language while shaking hands, sitting and maintaining eye contact, all of this is some of the important job interview tips that one must be careful about.

While appearing for the job interview, it is also one of the significant job interview tips when answering questions to try and relate what one knows about the company. Similarly, while telling about one’s accomplishments it is advisable to try and match them with the company requisites.

Hi, my name is Corey Harlock, and as both a Hiring Manager and a Recruiter, I have been helping people find jobs for over 15 years. What I’ve found is that, when looking for a job or a new career, most of us go through the same cycle. Find a job listing, spruce up our resume – or worse, hire a resume writer – hope for an interview, try to impress the interviewer if we get an interview, hope we get the job, and if we’re “lucky”, start working.

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12 Job Interview Tips You Should Know to Nail that Job

May 14, 2011 Posted by

12 Job Interview Tips You Should Know to Nail that Job

So you want to further your career and go for a manager job or something of the same level. That’s great – ambition is always good.

First, make sure your job resume is in good order. You can hire a professional resume writer if you want a great presentation or study some online resume writing tips if you want to have full control over your CV.

Once your resume is out there, the next thing you should do is prepare for possible interviews. Here’s where a little career planning is in order and so here we present not just a few but TWELVE job tips you should know before you face your interviewer for that manager job.

Job Interview Tip #1 – Know the Company.

It is good business etiquette to know as much as you can about the organization to which you’re applying. If you are quizzed about the company’s history it’s paramount you know something about them to prove you’re serious about work for them. Your manager job description will be tough to live up to if you know nothing about the people with which you want to work.

Job Interview Tip #2 – Prepare for Questions.

Our second interview tip is crucial. Be prepared to answer questions about the company and about yourself. There’s nothing more awkward than being stumped, flustered, and speechless. Avoid saying “Uhh” or “Ahhh” too much. Answer confidently by being knowledgeable about yourself, your goals, your skills, your achievements and what you can bring to the table.

Job Interview Tip #3 – Prepare Your own Questions.

Employers are impressed if you ask good, intelligent questions. Ask about work processes, quality control, common challenges within the company, and others. Demonstrate that you really want to understand the nature of your work so that you can function better in the organization.

Job Interview Tip #4 – Look Good.

You must be well groomed when showing up for an interview. Get a haircut if you need one; buy a new suit if your old one looks too tatty. Take a bath (heaven forbid you don’t!) and iron your clothes. If you’re a woman, wear moderate make-up, make sure your nails are manicured, and tone down the perfume. You don’t want to make the interviewer choke as he/she takes a whiff of your scent!

Job Interview Tip #5 – Be Punctual.

Tardiness is bad and will immediately put a damper on things. Leave early so you will get to the office early. Don’t waste your interviewer’s time by showing up late. If you really want that manager job, you must demonstrate responsibility and be determined to keep appointments.

Job Interview Tip #6 – Shake Hands Firmly.

A good handshake shows you are confident and willing to engage. Always make eye contact when shaking hands; this coordination can accomplish much in establishing positive vibes.

Job Interview Tip #7 – Don’t Overdo It.

Avoid unnecessary body movement; don’t fidget. Keep still and punctuate your points with limited hand gestures. Don’t ever point your fingers, especially at the person talking to you.

Job Interview Tip #8 – RELAX!

Many people panic at interviews and start biting their nails, toying endlessly with their wedding ring, drumming their fingers, or jiggling their legs. Stay calm, breathe deeply, and think of happy memories. Don’t worry yourself sick about something that can be dealt with positively if you just take time to relax.

Job Interview Tip #9 – Listen Closely.

Pay attention to what is being said. Maintain eye contact, especially when it’s obvious your interviewer is making an important point. Focus on the discussion at hand and keep your ears peeled for important details. If you mishear a word, don’t be afraid to clarify rather than pretend you understood what was said.

Job Interview Tip #10 – Communicate Clearly.

Speak clearly and choose your words carefully. You may want to make a humorous comment but what if it backfires? Also, don’t be obscure – use words and ideas that make sense and can be easily understood. Avoid being superfluous.

Job Interview Tip #11 – Don’t Ever Talk Negatively. About Your Current/Previous Employer.

This is very important – don’t be negative, especially when it comes to your previous employers or colleagues. It will only show that you have a tendency to bad-mouth other people and that’s not something to advertise when gunning for a manager job. Always be positive and enthusiastic.

Job Interview Tip #12 – SMILE!

Smiling is important so pay a tremendous amount of attention to your teeth. Make sure they’re immaculate and presentable. If you have discolored teeth (and most of us do), try a good tooth whitening product. There is a whole range of home tooth bleaching products to choose from that are effective and inexpensive; teeth trays are highly recommended.

You may not realize it but teeth bleaching is a powerful way to capture a person’s attention and admiration – and could very well lead to that manager job you so highly covet.

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Job Search Tips : How Do I Prepare for a Behavioral Interview?

May 14, 2011 Posted by

Preparing for behavioral interviews is very important due to 85 percent of organizations in the United States using them in the hiring process. Master behavioral interviews with the guidance of a professional career coach in this free video on job interviews. Expert: Debbie Benami-Rahm Contact: Bio: Debbie Benami-Rahm is the president of DBR Career Services, Inc., and provides her career expertise to individuals in transition to get unstuck and find career fulfillment. Filmmaker: Paul Muller
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Job Interview Tips – Tips To Successfully Complete A Job Interview

May 11, 2011 Posted by

Job Interview Tips – Tips To Successfully Complete A Job Interview

Are you looking for Job Interview Tips? You’re about to go on a job interview real soon and you’d like some job interview tips. It may be your very first job interview and you’re in the dark as to what to do.

Or, this may be one of several but you remember what a nightmare your last interview was and that the outcome was not good. Too bad. Those are the last words that you remember coming from your interviewer’s mouth.

So, how do you avoid the same thing happening all over again?

You need to put your hands on some sound job interview tips that work. Options? You could go to the person or friend you think of who has been on a lot of interviews in the past. Then you stop and think that this fact may not be a good thing. Why has your friend gone on so many interviews? Perhaps he or she is not the one to ask.

Then your mind shifts to your parents. Surely they’ll know the right thing to tell you. But hold on. It’s been years, maybe decades, since they were on an interview. Could they really have any reliable job interview tips? Probably not, you tell yourself.

You’re really not getting anywhere and you’re wasting valuable time.

Where to turn for sound Job Interview Tips?

It’s time for you to go online and use one of your search engines to track down a good guide which can offer you trusted and proven job interview tips. Why leave such important details to amateurs? A good guide will put you at ease and prepare you in every way for your interview.

What does a good guide with Job Interview Tips look like?

Off the bat, it should be brief, candid, straight to the point, easy to ready and some practical suggestions. Photos wouldn’t hurt either.

A good guide is subjective. What appeals to you may not be the right one for the next person.

What to do? When you find a Job Interview Tips Guide that seems to best appeal to you, have a glance at the back cover or Table of Contents to get a better idea of what the guide offers.

If this still doesn’t help, try asking some friends or family members for referrals to any guides that they may have found useful or which they found vital to their interview because the guide offered great job interview tips.

Now that you realize the importance and usefulness of a guide that offers good interview tips, get cracking and go search for the right one for you. Oh, and good luck with that job interview!

So, do you want to get step by step tips and information that can help you to successfully complete your upcoming job interview? Visit: Job Interview Tips

Job Interviews & Offers : How to Properly Introduce Yourself at a Job Interview

May 6, 2011 Posted by

When introducing oneself at a job interview, a good handshake can make or break the first impression. Properly introduce yourself at a job interview withtips from a management and sales trainer in this free video series on career information. Expert: Gloria Dixon Campbell Bio: Gloria Dixon Campbell has an executive MBA in management from the University of South Florida, and a BA in Sociology from the University of West Florida. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Interview Tips Leaving Last Position

May 6, 2011 Posted by

Capella University’s Career Center provides tips on answering the commonly asked question, “Why are you leaving your last position?”.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

What is a brag book for job interviews (tips)?

May 4, 2011 Posted by Peggy McKee (the medical sales recruiter) provides an overview of the brag book and what should be in and how to use it to get that medical sales job. The bragbook has the resume, technical skill sets, letters of recommendation, annual reviews, attaboy emails, sales ##’s, stack rankings, promotions, financial presentations etc. These are assembled to present in the medical sales (medical device sales) interview. Use this tool to increase your odds of landing that job!!
Video Rating: 5 / 5