Fly High! The Secret to Airline Interviews

May 21, 2011 Posted by

Fly High! The Secret to Airline Interviews

Is your dream job visiting places around the world as a flight stewardess or pilot? Daunted and overwhelmed by airline interviews?

The fact is that the airline job market has become a very competitive career battlefield nowadays. Though the airline industry has somewhat moved on from the economic crunch that toppled major carriers like Delta Airlines, United Airlines and more recently Japan Airlines, there has been a growth in discount carriers like JetAir and Virgin Blue while regional operators, charter and cargo carriers also increased their flight coverage. This upsurge has opened new job positions in the airline industry.


First things first, you have to get a sense on what you want to do and where you are going. Employee interview questions on your job expectations and choice of airline carrier will gauge your interest for the job and the company itself. Let’s face it, an airline job is not a career but a lifestyle that means you have to give up a lot of social life and weekends. Think it over if working in the airline industry is good for you.

Know everything about the airline you are interested in working with. So whether if it is chartered or scheduled, short haul or long haul, domestic or regional, you should know that airline carriers operate differently. Do some research about the company and know the officials, airplanes being used, corporate culture, work environment and job description.


Most employee interview questions vary according to company, airline operation and job position you applied for but standard interview questions generally focus on practical knowledge. In this case, you will be asked on how you are going to respond in real-world job situations like how you as a pilot handle an emergency landing or how you as a flight attendant handle potential security threats during flights.

Try looking for interview gouge websites that offer standard interview questions from different airlines. These interview gouge sites provide you an insider look from people who post their interview experiences. It is a very big help if you really want to understand how the interview process works and employer interview questions that are being asked. Take note, some airline interviews are more in-depth than a typical interview.


Preparation is a crucial ingredient to your interview success. However, some important issues are rarely discussed because from time to time there are situations during the interview process that you may not expect. Just bear in mind that the most important thing is the way you handle the interview rather than the way you answer the questions.

Job interview coaching is a better way of preparing for airline interviews as interview coaches will provide you needed guidance in a simulated interview setting. Interview questions coaching will also help boost your confidence. And being a prepared and confident interviewee will make you the job candidate that employers want to hire.

Flightdeck Consulting, a leading provider of job interview coaching and interview consulting, has helped clients worldwide achieve the job of their dreams.

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