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Job interviews are composed of several questions to the applicants regarding many aspects. Some good questions are going to be analyzed in the upcoming paragraphs.

A good job interview question can be “How long have you been working in this field?”. This question aims at learning the experience of the job applicant about the job field and reveals a detailed information following the answer. The applicant might talk about his/her work experience and companies if there are some.

Another good job interview question is likely to be “How far do you live from here?”. This is, in fact, a striking question since the answer expected conforms to the criterion that the job applicant must live close to the company, so the communication can be constructed in a better way. However, an interesting approach to this question exists which states that there is no communication difficulty in today’s world now that the world is continuously getting globalized and people can keep in touch with one another whenever they would like to via internet, mobile phones, etc. Enthusiasts of this idea continue their assertion by claiming that a job applicant may be as helpful to the company as a worker living very close to the office. According to this, a worker living close to the company can commute faster but the worker living farther can always reach the company via technologies stated above. This claim is likely to be true. Nowadays, there are lots of companies which permit their workers to work from their homes. The workers access the company server mostly via internet and they can work online. This fact supports this deterministic approach.

Yet another good interview question could be “What do you think about global ethics?”. This is a hard-to-answer question at first because the scope of the subject is very wide. Job applicants have been observed to avoid stating clear sentences about this issue and this decreases their chances to be elected. Company interviewers prepare such questions so as to differentiate between the job applicants since the technical knowledge of an applicant may be very close to that of another applicant. Therefore, such challenges are helpful in identifying the exact level of the job applicant.

There is a well known strategy of preparing a good job interview question. That is to eliminate questions related to too technical issues and introduce new ethical concepts. The latter has a significant effect on the results of job interviews.

As a result, main components of job interviews, questions, can be converted into good job interview questions by simple techniques and they can consequently increase the quality and reliability of the interview.



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