How to Interview for a Job : Addressing Work Experience in a Job Interview

April 30, 2011 Posted by

Find out how to prepare for answering work experience questions in a job interview in this free video on how to prepare for and have a good job interview. Expert: Katie Roney Bio: Katie Roney is a professional recruiter with 2.5 years of experience in recruiting with prior experience in public relations. Filmmaker: Doug Craig
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15 Responses to How to Interview for a Job : Addressing Work Experience in a Job Interview

  1. quitejaded says:

    I love this woman. She’s so beautiful and she makes interviews seem so nice and easy…! Unlike the other youtube videos.

  2. RobbieTHFilms says:

    wow thats good.

    I made a Job Interview video. mine is nice and casual, just giving sum tips. its the one called How To Do Well In Your Job Interview, if u wanna watch. please do! :D

  3. xREXISx says:

    i’d hit that

  4. paulubegoo says:

    she’s too hot – real interviewers never look that good

  5. Antwon41 says:

    fuckin A

  6. garyowen4ever says:

    be a maxwell street businessman and swagger in, demand a big bux salary for as liitle as possible effort! whatever you have to sell is worth millions, what ever they have to sell is worth shit.

  7. voiceteacher100 says:

    If I were interviewed by a girl like this I could not help but make mistake after mistake.
    I would just be drooling over her and my mind would be having sexual fantasies… And most definitely I would walk out of the interview with a bonner!

  8. voiceteacher100 says:

    true! The hot girl employees are usually kept private as the boss “personal assistant” .

  9. WoWrougeguy says:

    Soo hot, 1:48 – 1:52 My mind went totally off what she was saying.

  10. PanaPaz says:


  11. QuandoOPianoChora says:

    She could be an actress, I like her glasses, makes her very sexy and pretty. If I were the guy, I’d ask her to go out with me at the end of interview for a few drinks.

  12. juliette3211 says:

    A new sexist message to women – be pretty and talk as much as possible, otherwise u r out of the prestige vacanicies range!

  13. buddhaintruda says:

    nice tits babe

  14. MegaFrog2008 says:

    I wud unload on those glasses

  15. MALI1185 says:

    What about college grads trying to get their feet in the door, when they have little to no work experience? Huh?

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