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Top 12 tips on how to do well in a job interview – by pfj recruitment consultants
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  1. aragones222 says:

    Job interview tomorrow. I’m freakin’ out, these tips were great let’s see if it works!Thanks fort

  2. tomjimmallorca03 says:

    Thank you very much about your video. They helped me alot. Thank you!
    Please take some time to keep posting.

  3. valladolid43 says:

    Your insight is great – I for one would really appreciate some EXTENDED videos about interview process and other similar advice.

  4. leamalaga03 says:

    Your insight is great – I like this video.
    Best regards

  5. leavalencia03 says:

    I have watched all the videos. And I found it really helpfull for those who are freshers.

  6. MeganFoxShakira says:

    My first interview was horrible. But I still got hired and now I’m manager.

  7. ashutoshbhardhwaj says:

    check for more interview based questions..
    Gyantonic com has lot of information about the education based topics like Career guidance, Career discussions, Career Discussion, MBA Entrance Exams, GMAT Guidance Gyantonic com Website

  8. drdabomb1 says:

    my interview went great and I got the job. Just try to answer all questions without taking to long to anwer the employer, and try to keep eye contact and not say “um”

  9. TheRecruitmentGuy says:

    Useful tips in this video, check out my channel for more advice on how to be successful in an interview.

  10. DAN13LS70NE says:

    @Aelliotb Tip 6. Sneeze in the interviewers face when you are first meeting them. It’ll show them that even though you are sick you can still make it to the interview.

    Tip 7. Download pacman to your phone and play it during the interview. If you write your good at pacman on your CV, you might have to prove it.

  11. webdeveloper007 says:


    good one dude

  12. ArisaxthexAwkward says:

    @Aelliotb lmao

  13. DatEnigmatic says:

    I’m only 18 applying to boarders. They acting like it’s an interview for a high Microsoft company or something. I bet a lot of interviews for first time students are not like this. I heard they were easy. I mean, come on. You gotta act like this when applying to MacDonalds? What?

  14. Gerschanel says:

    @Aelliotb hahahhaah this is the way i enter interviews

  15. aladdingee says:

    ALADDIN GEE–I love this video and i don’t care who don’t keep them coming tight work thumbs up

  16. drumatomic says:

    sometimes you want the job real bad you end up not getting it lol hahaha

  17. CanineFaeces says:

    Tip 13: Realise your just another piece of corporate scum and kill yourself.

  18. sabithaperera says:

    Narrow Naughty girls and ladies here

  19. EgyptianAsp says:

    Tip: I want this job because I shagged my last boss and need to leave. Also, this post is offering a higher salary.

  20. Superbradman1 says:

    @CanineFaeces better corporate scum than “dog shit”

  21. imahmud says:

    i got interview 2moz…. i will follow your tips.. thanks Aelliotb :-)

  22. martinaee says:

    Noobs I’ll give you my number one tip to get any job for sure.

    When you shake an interviewer’s hand attempt to squeeze as hard as you possibly can and don’t let go for 15 seconds at least. Show them you get shit done…. *like a boss*

  23. NurJahan says:

    @DatEnigmatic No, these skills are important anywhere. I used these same tips for my interview at Dunkin Donuts and I got a higher starting pay than the rest of my peers…and I was not experienced. Bring your A game everywhere you go!

  24. NurJahan says:

    Thanks for this video! really helpful stuff..

  25. YourPCGuruJim says:

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