Interview to Win Your First Job

May 7, 2011 Posted by

Here’s a sneak peek at JIST Publishing’s DVD “Interview to Win Your First Job.” The full program is 32 minutes long and teaches job seekers how to interview well and market themselves. Viewers learn how to make a favorable first impression, decide whether the job is worth pursuing, secure a second interview or job offer, and much more. For more information about this DVD, visit
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6 Responses to Interview to Win Your First Job

  1. KelferMookie says:

    OK good vid, now wheres the second one with the better interview?

  2. FailureToKeep says:

    ah! she is sooo right! it is really important to tie up your skills and experience to the requirements of the company. tip: always highlight your strengths and not your weakness. for more interview tips: check out “jobseeker revolution” video.

  3. carlosgrana says:

    This is exactly on how job hirers see their candidates. I seem to be making these mistakes thanx for uploading this stuff.

  4. braydenbeautiful says:

    wow. she’s harsh, but spot on.

  5. hotcommentator says:

    I made a terrible mistake when I was asked, “Tell me about yourself.” I went right back to when I was born! Ha-ha, no wonder I didn’t get jobs until this was pointed out to me.

  6. armanimpressions says:

    @hotcommentator LMAO! well there huhhh, ” i came out of my mothers vagina”, then began my abc’s certificate at 3rd grad, graduated from fifth grade. and here i am, fail

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