Job interview coach, Rachel Green, gives job interview hints on selling your strengths

April 13, 2011 Posted by

Practice interview questions and answers with job interview coach, Rachel Green, and sell your strengths. She explains how job interview coaching can help with interview preparation.
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4 Responses to Job interview coach, Rachel Green, gives job interview hints on selling your strengths

  1. michaeledwarddone says:

    Rachel, I watched this video just before an interview for the dream job I’d always wanted. Your “10 Strengths” angle was fantastic. Right there and then I did the 10 Strengths exercise you recommended. Wow! What a transformation. I can tell you, by the time I walked into that interview my clarity was 20:20 and my self-confidence was unshakeable. I absolutely KNEW how capable I was. By the time I walked out, the panel knew it too. And yes, I got the job!!!! Thanks a million.

  2. RachelGreenCom says:

    @michaeledwarddone Michael how wonderful that this helped you so much. It can seem so simple but so many people can not articulate their strengths clearly or convincingly. You did so well – fabulous! Rachel.

  3. ZigmaVideo says:

    Excellent interview Rachel! I’ve always got stuck on the ‘strengths’ question myself. It always seems like I’m blowing my own trumpet but it’s a mindset.

  4. RachelGreenCom says:

    @ZigmaVideo Hi Mary-Lou Yes, there is a difference between stating the facts regarding what you do well and bragging which is about saying I am the best. Most people confuse the two so end up not saying anything in job interviews. It is okay to state the facts about what you do and how well you do it how else are people in job interviews going to know whether you are any good or not? Glad you liked the video – thanks!

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