Job Interview Skills Training: Top Ten Interview Questions For College Graduates

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Job Interview Skills Training: Top Ten Interview Questions For College Graduates

Now that you have graduated from college, you must be proud of your achievement. How on earth did you manage to pass your exams with flying colours? You anticipate what were the questions asked in the exam right? The same goes to job interviews.

As part of the job interview skills, you would need to know what the questions that could be asked. This is because knowing is winning half the battle.

1)       Tell me about yourself

This question does not permit you to tell everything about yourself. You don’t need to tell the interviewer how you were born but the best qualities that make you the cream of the crop. Just outline the key points that are relevant to your personal characteristics like being committed, enthusiastic, team worker and use personal life examples like your sports or hobbies, or social charity interest to demonstrate your personal attributes.

2)      Why should I hire you?

Reply by asserting that you are the best person for this job and give reasons to back up this claim. Show your passion and enthusiasm when answering this question. Give examples of where you achieved your goals and or contributed to the success of a team or organizational activity.

3)      Please tell me about your future objectives.

Most people are caught off guard here because not everyone has fully planned out their career path. But it is important that you show that you have thought out your life goals enough to at least know what you would like to be working at in 5 years time. Put it in a way that shows you have ambition, and want to further develop your skills within the organization.  This is a fundamental question you need to have a slick answer for to have good job interview skills.

4)      Has your education prepared you for your career?

State how your education has trained you towards the necessary skills needed for the job and give examples to support this claim. Give examples of how your training has been applied in practical experience within and organization you worked in or volunteered in.

5)      Have you been a team player?

Everyone will reply yes but lack the proof needed to back it up. Tell the interviewer how you helped your team during your college years on winning a certain competition or other examples that emphasizes your quality as a team player. This does not have to be only in sports, it can be working within any Club or Committee that you are a member of.

6)      Did you encounter any conflict with your previous professors or employer? What are the steps that you have taken to resolve this issue?

This is a classic question that you need to be well rehearsed for with a coach to learn excellent  job interview skills. When posed with this question, do not reply that you never had a conflict because this is a blatant lie. Instead give an example of a conflict that you have encountered and give solutions that you have taken to solve it. Interviewers want a matured, logical and if possible an out-of-the-box solution. Obviously do not say that you wanted to fight or take any immature action, as that only serves to demonstrate that you do not have any conflict resolution skills.

7)      What is your biggest weakness?

Do not say the trite “I am a workaholic” because it will not impress your interviewer, who will see through the answer, unless you genuinely are a workaholic and can prove it to them. Instead tell the interviewer one of your subtle weaknesses such as being disorganised and tell him/her how you are solving it currently such as by having an organiser. This is a great opportunity to let them know that you are still undertaking personal and professional development training as well.

8)      How would your professors describe you?

This question requires a bit of planning as you never know whether the interviewer will ask for a reference from the professor you have just quoted. So, prepare a game plan by approaching a professor with whom you are in good terms with and get a reference letter to support your quotation. Do this in advance. Then you can summarise what you know your reference will tell them.  It also serves to help you learn a bit about yourself as you may learn something new about yourself or your skills from discussing this with your Professor.

9)      What are the qualities that a manager should possess?

Remember the two key points which are Leadership and Vision. Elaborate on these two points by giving solid points to back it up. You can also tell the interviewer your idol or mentor who have contributed in imparting his/her skills to you. If you don’t have personal mentors that you look up to, mention that you read about and study the leadership qualities and life stories of top leaders autobiographies you are reading, or the latest management book on the best sellers list, to show that you take your leadership professional development training seriously. You will impress with your job interview skills if you can answer this question with a well considered answer.

10)   If you can turn back time, what would you like to see change?

Try to prepare something that relates to your career or vocation. Don’t be negative. It is not an opportunity to talk about all the regrets of your life or love-life. If the interviewer wishes to press further, be careful not to divulge too much in your personal life. Just keep it professional and positive in outlook.

Equipping yourself with these job interview skills should garner you with a prospective chance in securing the job because knowing is winning half the battle.

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