Job Interview Skills

April 14, 2011 Posted by

Advice and tips from 15 years of interviewing people…
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25 Responses to Job Interview Skills

  1. dnkrpr says:

    This is probably the most helpful interview video on youtube. Thank you for all your advice. I hope this help with my interview today! :)

  2. dnkrpr says:

    i applied alot of your advice to my interview today and it worked beautifully. I never realized it but a very very very important factor is showing INTEREST in the job. that is what i think might get me the job

  3. kway44 says:

    Top advice mate!

    Thanks for the post should come in handy for my interview tommorow fingers crossed.

  4. dnkrpr says:

    Another update… I received a call today and was informed i was hired. :) This video helped me out so much, Thank you.

  5. dinobravo420 says:

    wow this podcast is so helpful.. this guy is just going over the top…truly a gift and i thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge i truly would love to someday meet you in a Starbucks and buy you a java…

  6. lrqe25 says:

    i like your style :) your the kind of manager i like to work with :) knowledgeable as well as coaching :) tnx! :)

  7. FailureToKeep says:

    great advice and unique style of coaching. love the way you use actors as your examples. hahaha… love it! Confidence is really important if you want to boom your interview. for more tips and techniques, also check out the “jobseeker revolution” video here on youtube.

  8. ronpaullimelight says:

    Best vid on youtube!!! Bless you dear sir you’ve given me such confidence I wish I could give you a hug. Bless you!!!

  9. rockstarofredondo says:

    I never have trouble with interviews–those always go well. It’s resume writing that I suck at. You should do some feedback & advice on resume writing one day.

  10. stefbot says:

    @rockstarofredondo I’ve done something on that, you can do a search through my channel if you like…

  11. stefbot says:

    @ronpaullimelight I’m glad that the video helped, thank you so much for watching, and for your very kind words… :)

  12. rockstarofredondo says:

    @stefbot I saw it afterwards, thank you!

  13. milroytime says:

    ** for funny actual hidden phone camera footage of real interview in London take a quick look at my channel under documentary playlist, where i secretly film my job interview by resting phone on table against wallet facing interviewer, i thought it would be funny to see the shit that ended up being said, i nearly get caught out

  14. ThereAreNoSides says:

    Hey Stefan, I really appreciate your motivation to share your experience and knowledge to the benefit of others. It is unconditional love. Why? Because you are giving out care, without condition, without asking for anything back. You are a guiding light, and I am so glad you share these videos freely.

  15. eyeofanangelful says:

    !!yes sir thank you .. you are handsome and very straight forward

  16. psychelatte says:

    thankyou so much for this vid! watched a lot of others but your vid kind of presses the most important things home. had to download it as 3gp but that’s fine. ps i only want a job in a cafe or restaurant or shop, but still such valuable advice, thanks! :)

  17. psychelatte says:

    p.s i was worried u may crash or get arrested for talking or drinking, lol

  18. Jollyprez says:


  19. jaryH3 says:

    Thanks for your ideas. But next time, make the video shorter please.

  20. imyourgod2 says:

    a short stefbot video!? HAH
    thanks for the video, very helpful. keep up the good work

  21. HavocGunStar says:

    Remaindering? As in Dumpster Diving? Great minds, same rut. Or.. job history it would seem.

  22. volcom2003 says:

    I remember one time some manager from an unknown firm contacted me by email with interest to hire me. I asked him about the nature of the work and some other very standard questions and he replied by saying “May I remind you that you are trying to sell yourself to me and not the other way around!” What a class A arsehole!!!

  23. stefbot says:

    @volcom2003 Sounds like a really good guy to not work for…

  24. volcom2003 says:

    @stefbot Yeah exactly! It ended with me emailing him back asking him how am I supposed to sell myself if I don’t know who I’m selling to and for what position. He replied: sorry I feel you are appropriate for the job. Made me realise there are some really deluded people in the world. PS Great vid Stef, helped a lot!!

  25. TerrierBram says:

    Coffee … now that’s a good idea. Wondering what Stef has to tell about interview technics. I am quite good at it, and I like to learn, because since there is a gun in the room, I have trouble finding a job, although I’m a skilled person. Anyway, straightening my back, it will work out.

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