Need a job? Resume writing lessons and basic tips

May 13, 2011 Posted by Visit our website for to get the edge in your job search. Our program will give you a step by step guide. Learn how to create a great resume to get the interview that will get you that job you want.
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6 Responses to Need a job? Resume writing lessons and basic tips

  1. Trendz4U says:

    nice video..

  2. rayraykobe says:

    thank you so much for this

  3. bigflipo says:

    very good video! thanx!!
    i have a question for you:
    i am studying right now, and i want a job, i’ve worked in 3 places, the first one didnt pay me (they were corrupt), so i quit, the second one was far away from my home and it was complicated to me to get there so i quit, and the third one was great but my school was a problem that semester because of my school schedule.
    what can i do, should i place those jobs in my resume? how can i make it look good?
    sorry for my english.

  4. jobsearchlessons says:

    Hi Bigflipo
    If those were the only places you’ve ever worked then yes use them. Evaluate what skills and experience you gained from the job and use those things in the resume. The reasons why you left may or may not matter until you get an interview for a job. They will ask you why you left on the application. Use a functional resume format and emphasize your education.

  5. bigflipo says:

    Thank you!!!

  6. punky1688 says:

    Very good tips. Thanks

    My step son just came from Philippine about 4 months ago. 21 year old man never ever work before and no experience what so ever. Only finish High School. I try to put together a resume but don’t know how and what to write.

    Please help !!

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