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Asking Questions in the Interview Process

April 30, 2011 Posted by Peggy McKee – the medical sales recruiter describes how the questions that the candidate or jobseeker asks in the interview can really separate them from the other candidates. Send your resume to or check out our blog at

CAROL QUINN’S Interviewer Training (#3): Stop Asking BAD Interview Questions

April 18, 2011 Posted by

You are going to base your hiring decision on the applicant information you gather. You get the information that you ask for. If the information you gather is not a reliable predictor of future performance, it will adversely effect your hiring results. Unknowingly, this is how a lot of unnecessary hiring mistakes happen. This video provides an example of a popular behavior-based interview question used for assessing customer service that causes interviewers to mistakenly think their applicant is better than they really are. Learn from the expert, Carol Quinn, how to fix this question and hire more High Performers.
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