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Preparing for a job interview is an important step in the application of a job. A well-prepared applicant is likely to have more chance to be enrolled in the job. The preparation process will be explained in detail in the following paragraphs.

There are some substantial steps in preparing for a job interview; namely dixion, clothing, body language and general knowledge. Dixion is about the general view of the body of the applicant. If a male applicant wears a tie, he should also have a shirt on him so as not to contradict himself. Preparing for a job interview also includes the physical part of the diixon, which accounts for the positions of body organs and accessories. Body organs must not be presented irrationally. For instance, an applicant with a radical hair style is likely to be taken for granted since such people are considered as the symbols of irregularity.

Clothing is another aspect in preparing for a job interview. A regular clothing style must be adopted so as to maintain a serious standing in front of the job interviewer. Clothes representing regional, cultural or religional modifications must be discarded. These types of clothes make people have different ideas about the person having such clothing. Very sexy and marginal clothes (transparan clothes) are not preferred for job interview sessions because too much attractiveness is a harm for people rather than a benefit.

Another important feature to consider when preparing for a job interview is body language. The applicant must have a good speaking style, posture and gesture, eye contact and careful understanding. Postures and gestures are important in that they represent the feelings via visual ways rather than just speaking. Eye contact is the most common example of this speciality. Careful understanding of the situation in which the applicant is in results in the success of the entire interview session.

The last feature in preparing for a job interview is general knowledge. The applicant should easily comprehend and answer the question being asked during the job interview. However, general knowledge does not mean that one must have everything in his/her mind. General inference knowledge can be enough for one to have a successful job interview.

To sum up, preparing for a job interview consists of several elements which totally account for the general success of job interview session. A good preparation, thus,  leads to an increase in the applicant’s chance of being enrolled in the job.