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Essential Interview Skills: Help To Ace Your Next Interview

May 17, 2011 Posted by

Essential Interview Skills: Help To Ace Your Next Interview

Answering interviews is one of the most difficult things that people face when applying for a job. This is because interviews can be downright intimidating and utterly unnerving, regardless of whether it is a panel or a one-on-one type. However, interviews are essential to determine if an applicant has what it takes for the position he or she is applying for.

If you want to land any job, here are some of the essential interview skills you need to have.


Some interviewers are kind. Most, however, are not, but this is not without cause. A lot of interviewers put on a serious face because they want to determine if applicants have what it takes to be calm under pressure. Those who do buckle down and lose composure under stress are less likely to be chosen than those who remain cool during serious interviews. This is why calmness is one of the essential interview skills that any applicant should possess.


Quickness in response is an indicator of high cognitive skills as well as problem solving skills. This is why interviewers are encouraged to answer quickly in interviews. People who are smart and analytical usually have no problems when it comes to answering questions from interviewers.


Humor, in most cases, is one of the essential interview skills because it is an indication of both high EQ and IQ. It takes a lot of emotional maturity to know when to be serious and when not to. At the same time, it takes a lot of creativity and quick wit to make people laugh. This is the reason why humor is a very important thing to have and show during interviews.


While it is good to flaunt your talents and to make the interviewers know that you are worth hiring, over-confidence can be a serious turnoff as well. Remember, most jobs require team participation. If you are too cocky, then people might find it difficult to work well with you. Balance your talents with humility – which is the last of the essential interview skills.

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Tips for Interviews to help you get that job

May 13, 2011 Posted by

Tips for Interviews to help you get that job

These are some pretty basic tips for interviews, but they will make sure you give yourself a good chance in any job interview.

1) Do Look smart – it doesn’t matter if you hope to become a plummer or nuclear physicist, spare some time to make sure you look your best. I don’t mean if you happen to have a spiky punk haircuit it has to go, but any employer will be worried if you don’t look like you take care of yourself – if your image is not important to you, how will you represent their company well?

2) Get digging – the company will give you a big clue as to what they want in both their literature and job description. Especially if there is a section called “key competencies” or something similar. Read these and have a think about how you can match up to what they want.

3) Think about what you could be asked – have you ever been to an interview where you have not been asked why you want the job? It might be because you need the money! That however, is not reason enough for the employer. Find some non-monetary reasons to this question and the others which you know will be coming.

4) Prove you have something to offer – you know you are great and can do the job. They don’t. Or they have several people who claim they can. So offer the interviewer something concrete that proves you can do the job. Examples of your successes will demonstrate knowledge and ability.

5) Stay calm under pressure. Everyone knows the interview is a tough situation. If the interviewer questions you about your CV then you won’t win friends for any aggressive replies. Would you want someone like that in your team who could quickly fly off the handle?

These are just some starting points that will help you on the way.

If you need more help on how to answer job interview questions there are some brilliant techniques here. If you need more advice on preparing for a job interview this guide has plenty of in-depth hints and tips.

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