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Interview Preparation

May 23, 2011 Posted by

Interview Preparation

Preparation is the primary step toward a successful interview. Company interviewers are continually astounded at the number of applicants who regularly come unprepared for an interview. Understanding the benefits of preparation is an invaluable tool. The time that you spend with an interviewer may determine your entire career future. Below is a break down of basic preparation responsibilities.

Know the exact name of the person you are meeting with, their title and correct pronunciation, address and phone number. Wear a suit, bring at least two copies of your résumé and get there 5-10 minutes early. Research company information. Such as; annual sales revenue, business principles, recent growth news, industry news, trends and analysis. Why is the hiring manager interested in your background? What characteristics are they looking for in a prospective employee? Know what questions to ask during the interview. Being an effective listener is very important. Asking questions based on information provided by the interviewer shows you are listening. However having planned probing questions ahead of time is a must. Perhaps, why is the position open? How long has the interviewer been with the company? What attributes do they look for in prospective candidates? Know how the opportunity will impact your short and long-term career development. Being excited about an opportunity is very important. An interview is a two way street. Review the job description prior to the interview and also try to uncover some of the challenging and more sophisticated responsibilities associated with the position which are not included in the basic job description. You may research compensation information, however during the first interview never discuss money, benefits or vacation. The role of the résumé is to get the interview. The role of the first interview is to get the second interview


William Rubinow is Managing Director of The Lyle Group, LLC. Founded in 2005, The Lyle Group, LLC (TLG) is a specialized recruitment and management services firm and a proven leader in the recruitment industry. Lyle Career Services (, the newest TLG division, offers affordable résumé writing, cover letter writing and customized job search assistance.

Before The Lyle Group, LLC, Mr. Rubinow was a division director for six years in New York City for one of the world’s largest specialized accounting and finance recruitment firms.

Career Factor Workshop: Job Interview Bootcamp

May 9, 2011 Posted by

Wendy Hill from Microsoft recruiting presents her “Job Interview bootcamp” session to the Career Factor cast. In this workshop, she discusses how to prepare and excel at your interview. This is just one video that’s available on the Microsoft Certified Career Conference Virtual Event Platform( You can find hours of on-demand content on certification preparation, career development, and discussions on IT topics, as well as access to ongoing, live presentations at no cost. Register for free at http Career Factor is Microsoft’s online reality show, supporting 8 individuals with their IT careers through resources from Microsoft and its partners. Follow the show at
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