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Transition to Work and Self-Sufficiency: The Job Interview

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This clip is a sneak peek of JIST Publishing’s DVD “The Job Interview.” The full program is 25 minutes long and part of the “Transition to Work and Self-Sufficiency Video Series.” The DVD explains how to dress, get prepared, make a good impression, and deal with the most common interview questions. Viewers learn how to make the most of their strengths and minimize liabilities for their job interview success. For more information about this DVD, visit For information about the entire DVD series, visit
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Answering the Common Job Interview Questions

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Answering the Common Job Interview Questions

Everyone wants dream job to fulfill their dreams or to provide good living to their families. Every student has dream to get job to make their dreams fulfill for which they faces job interviews. They prepared to face job interviews and to face job interviewer questions. Many popular companies came to college campus and arranged job interviews for students. After invitation from any company the first things that you thought are job interviewer questions.  Some consultancies also arrange job interviews for those who want to get their dream. Everyone who wants to fulfill their dream after invitation take some interview tips for job from seniors or job holders. Some of the students get knowledge from books about interview tips for job. Some of people search interview tips and question for job on the internet and also they search for job interviewing techniques. After being invited every candidate do lots of practice to face the job interviewer questions and prepared to knock the interview process. Some time job interviewing techniques are beneficial to knock out the interview for students. Job interviewer questions check your skills required for job and also that questions check whether or not the job seeker does indeed possess the required skills set and experience relevant to the job vacancy. Interview tips and questions are very helpful for candidates to understand and to prepare appropriate answers to interviewer questions and tackle them to achieve their dream. Some common interview questions asked by interviewer to check your personality, ability to integrate into new team as well as your business ethics and values are such as:


i)    Introduces yourself? Job Seeker Response:

Most of the candidates start by describing your interests and hobbies but you should keep one thing in your mind that you are sitting in front of interviewer not in front of your friends or family members. You are in a job interview with the sole purpose of being hired. You should remember that the answer to interviewer would describe your personality.

2)  Describe your working experience?

Job Seeker Response:

Before giving this answer first read your CV because many candidates many students apply some job interviewing techniques and enter some wrong data in CV and in interview their answer not match with CV because of nervousness due to this they rejected. You should try to get the recruiter to specify what areas they would like you to discuss so as to avoid digressing off the topic with long winded explanations.

3) What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Job Seeker Response:

You should be careful about this question. You should learn from interview tips and question to get the answer for this question. for the strengths part, you want to highlight your strengths which are most in line with the company and the position. If the company values leadership, then cite your leadership experience. If the position is in marketing or advertising, choose “creativity.” If you’re in a technical field, state something along the lines of adapting to new technologies quickly.

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Common Questions of Interviews

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Common Questions of Interviews

While each of the different positions of the interview, but some problems will appear in a number of occasions the interview. Therefore, those who are ready to answer the question, you must have made good preparations. Of course, many of the interview will appear in the surprisingly difficult question, but anyway, you have absolutely no reason not to be expected for those questions.

? emphasis on their knowledge, skills and abilities.
? If possible, quote their own success stories.
? Do not your resume or work experience that the lack of, made by the interviewer.
? to ensure that the best way to express themselves. Best-selling series “Chicken Soup” co-author Mark Victor Hansen suggest that you record your interview situation, and then watch the video playback.

The meter is a feasible answer all interview questions, pause for at least 3 seconds, and quickly stabilize your own emotions, and my heart ready for what to say. The following are common interview questions and suggested answers, interview help you meet this important day.

Q: Introduce yourself.
A: This is a very open question, the best answer method is a little mention their own personality traits, incidentally, an interview to talk about jobs with the company or of interest related to official business. Sometimes just tell each other their feelings will be some unexpected, and easy to stray from or related to privacy. For example, if you do not apply a monitoring body weight (Weight Watchers) work, do not have to mention 10 pounds lighter himself. If you do not want to work in retail stores, do not bring your favorite clothing brands.

Q: What is your greatest strength?
A: The best way to answer this question is to assume each other’s problems than the more direct: Are you really qualified for this job? This is your golden opportunity to boast of, must explain why you think they are the best candidate for this position.

If this position is most important is dealing with customer complaints, then you have to detail their past experience in customer service, why they like the challenge, the feeling unhappy customer happy, but also give specific quantitative examples of their own in previous work is how to successfully deal with customer complaints. To better highlight some of their own personality, with details to support their point of view.

Q: What is your greatest weakness?
A: Now they are inside the bones in an egg, which is the interview in a move to protect themselves. To take advantage of this opportunity to let the other party can not find any reason to eliminate you, too honest job is because it is too frank and made a big mistake. We do not want you to lie, but we must be careful to speak! For example, even if you really procrastinating, or doing poorly be rational, do not admit it. If your job requires an interview team, do not admit that he does not always gregarious.

The answer will send you the following insurance successfully pass:

? sometimes not as good as themselves to those standards, I lack patience.

? Sometimes I would be too sensitive, too concerned about what others think.

? Sometimes I can not find time to relax.

? sometimes in order to make a deal, I would have some radical.

Based on the above argument, in fact you are implying that he not in favor of lazy, not cold, he is a workaholic, or a tenacious sales people. As employees, that is actually not a weakness!



Facing Behavioral Interviewing? Read On

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Facing Behavioral Interviewing? Read On

“The most accurate predictor of future performance is past performance in a similar situation.” That’s the conclusion industrial psychologists came to when developing the behavioral style of interviewing. Many companies use this technique in varying degrees. Instead of asking:

- Tell me about yourself.

- What are your strengths and weaknesses?

- Why are you interested in working for us?

Behavioral interviewing emphasizes past performance and behaviors. Not preparing for this style of interview can take you out of the running. A word to the wise: simply practicing the list of common interview questions isn’t enough.

Why should your prepare for a behavioral interview?

- Candidates who prepare for behavioral interviews also do better in traditional interviews.

- Using behavioral answers works well with inexperienced, traditional interviewers.

- Companies that invest the time and energy to develop behavioral interviews attract top candidates.

How do I prepare for a behavioral interview? Employers have analyzed exactly what skills they require for the position. These skill sets might include decision-making and problem solving, leadership, motivation, communication, interpersonal skills, planning and organization, critical thinking, team building and the ability to influence others. Job seekers also must go through this same detailed analysis process. To do that, you should consider questions such as:

- What are the necessary skills to do this job? Do I possess them?

- What makes a successful candidate? How can I translate my previous successes to this position?

- What would make an unsuccessful candidate? What criteria could eliminate a candidate?

- Why is this position available? Promotion, left the company, expansion?

- What is the most difficult part of this job? Have I handled similar situations and what stories do I have to express my success?

Once you have landed the interview, make your answers and examples detailed and specific. You should have developed three stories that illustrate accomplishments and successes in your past performance, remembering the interviewer will be focused on the assertion that “past performance in a similar setting is the best predictor of future performance.”

The best way to accomplish this is to use the 3C Technique:

1. Circumstance (What was the problem?)

2. Conduct (How did you fix it or how did you get others to fix it?)

3. Conclusion (What was the result?)

For example, you might recount a time when communication within your work group had broken down (circumstance). Organizing lunch meetings designed to open the discussion of issues was a creative step toward resolving the problem. It inspired a more congenial atmosphere and resulted in a better flow of communication. Using this technique can present your accomplishments in a way that sends a powerful message to the employer.

While you can’t control what is asked, you can control what you say. Listen carefully to each question. If you are unsure, ask for clarification. When you respond, be sure to recall your accomplishments in detail. Avoid lengthy rambling and tangents. Practice your behavioral stories using so they sound natural, not rehearsed. No one knows your accomplishments better than you do. Be confident about sharing them, enthusiastic about the results and proud to be able to bring these kinds of successes to a potential employer.

Provided by R.L. Stevens & Associates, Inc. – a full-service career firm. For more information, contact us at 1-800-721-9491, or visit us online at

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