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Doctors Should be Prepare with, Before Facing the Interview Panel

May 20, 2011 Posted by

Doctors Should be Prepare with, Before Facing the Interview Panel

Medical practitioners are some of the most prestigious and respected members of any society. Locum doctor jobs are very detailed and require a variety of personal traits to help people to learn new methodologies and to sacrifice time and energy for the well-being of the patients.

Since the job requires integrity, proficiency, and social skills, the interviews for doctor job openings are considered to be trickier s compared with other job interviews. Moreover, since Locum doctor jobs are temporary, GMC – General Medical Council has formulated strict guidelines for hospitals and medical institutions to follow before making recruitment decisions,  in order to maintain higher standards of health and safety of community.

In order to ensure that they have the capacity to enable delivery at a pace that is in keeping with the expectations of GMC, UK’s hospitals have implemented a stringent recruitment processes. Recruitment at premier hospitals has become very difficult in recent years.

Below is the list of important interview questions job seekers should practice at home before facing the interview panel, in order to immediately receive an offer of appointment.

1.Tell us about yourself?
2.Take us through your background & your previous clinical posts?
3.Why do you think you are capable of handling this position?
4.What do you know about our hospital?
5.In what ways do you think you can contribute to our hospital?
6.What are the qualities that best describe you?
7.What would you change about yourself in order to become a better doctor?
8.Share your greatest clinical achievement with us?
9.What are your career ambitions for the next 10 years?
10.How do you prefer working – alone or in teams, and why?
11.What role does modern technology play in medicine today?
12.How does politics influence health-care provision?
13.What are the most rewarding experiences of your career and what have you learnt from them?
14.What problems or challenges do you think doctors will face in next 10 years?
15.Are you willing to travel for this job?
16.How would your patients describe you?
17.How would your boss or senior describe you?
18.What are your clinical weaknesses and what are you doing to improve them?
19.What’s the most recent book you’ve read?
20.What do you understand by clinical risk management?
21.What is a clinical audit and why do they fail?

A thorough analysis and groundwork on these set of questions would certainly prove beneficial for the Locum Doctor aspirants.

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Career Advice – Doctors and Medical Industries

May 18, 2011 Posted by

Dr. Warren Hyer, Consultant Paediatrician, shares his advice on how best to achieve a successful medical career. Those looking to start or further a career in medicine, will benefit greatly from Dr. Warren Hyer’s insightful answers to the following questions: “How must medical candidates best conduct themselves in a job interview?” “What must a medical candidate have in mind when preparing for a job interview?” “What questions can candidates expect to be asked in a medical job interview?” “What is the role of work experience and extra-curricular activities in applying for a medical role?” “Is there any advice you can offer new employees in the medical field?” “How should a medical applicant best prepare a CV?” “What is the correct response if one is faced with difficulties in a professional relationship?” An Innovate CV resume can help you get the job you want as in medicine! Get the professional skills you need for your successful career in medicine — visit Innovate CV’s Career and Training Centre!