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Preparing for a Job Interview is not That Easy

May 18, 2011 Posted by

Preparing for a Job Interview is not That Easy

When it comes to hiring candidate, interviewers focus on many aspects from personal appearance to the attire and behavior. Personal appearance does not mean only beauty but hygiene and neatness are of the same importance. Employers want to hire those candidates who will give their industry a good perception. This is the thing, which you should be aware of especially while you are giving interview. While giving interview you should be aware of whether you are dressed properly, either in pant or in suit. Also, make sure that your hairs are properly set. There are certain things that are mandatory for you to consider before preparing for a job interview:

> Research the company:
This is one of the important aspects while preparing for a job interview. You may use various search engines on internet to explore the company. You must know about the company these important things:
- Company history, products, establishment
- Company’s growth, its extent and branches across world or country
- Current news about the company, or any revolution within the company
- Company management team whether it is global or national, company goal, its position in world rank and niche in market.

> Research the designation for which you are applying:
Go through the job description, and all other contacts you have, company website will be helpful here:
- what exactly will be your job and what will be your position in company
- how were the previous comments on job
- any modification is done in this post in every manner

> Practice the possible questions about yourself:
Think professionally and study your resume well, write down all the previous information regarding your school collage achievements and your native place specialties, certain questions that are common, you need to prepare them by heart. You may brows on various websites, they will make your work bit easy.

> Be responsive:
Practice these questions by yourself quiet loudly so that you and interviewee will be comfortable. Try to be specific when you are answering, try to give supportive examples that will satisfy the interviewer. Be positive and speak truth at the same time do not confess about your past mistakes.

> Attire for interview:
Be aware of what you are wearing, this is because your first impression is last impression. Wear professional cloths and have a proper hairstyle. Avoid strong perfume and heavy make up with jewelry. Try to look decent.

> Be ready with questions for interviewer:
In most of the interviews interviewer gives you a chance to ask if him if you have any doubts. At this time you should prepare with at least one question, ask logical questions, your questions will also help you show your inquisitive nature as well as your interest in company.  

> What NOT to ask in interview:
While preparing for a job interview the last thing you should be aware is what the things you should not discus with interviewer, do not ever ask about salary and benefits directly to interviewer. These questions appear when company shows interest in hiring you.

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5 Easy Steps To Interview Preparation

May 16, 2011 Posted by

5 Easy Steps To Interview Preparation

All those months of preparation have paid off and you are raring to go. This is your chance to shine and get that dream job. Remember to always prepare well for an interview; you should never go for an interview without thorough preparation.

Here are the 5 steps to successful interview preparation:

1. Go through your resume – This seems like a pointless step, where you will say “I do not need to go through my resume, I made it and I know it verbatim”. But, it is always better to go through your resume and try to understand it from the point of view of the interviewer. What was it that attracted the attention of the interviewer for you to get an interview call? When you do this, you may understand what it is that the company is looking for and what it is expecting from you. This puts you at an advantage during the interview.

2. Go online again – The Internet is your best friend. It helped you create the perfect resume and perfect cover letters, now it will help you understand the company. Visit the company website and understand everything about the company and its activities. The more information about the company you have the better equipped you are for the interview.

3. Study and learn – Try to study and learn all that there is about the company. The more you know the better you are going to feel about going in for that interview. Knowledge is your best friend during an interview.

4. Rehearse – Ever heard anyone tell you to make a script for an interview? Well, making a script for an interview makes sense. It helps you rehearse the kind of questions that you know will be asked and you can rehearse the answers to give the best ones possible. You will be asked questions on your past positions and achievements. You will also be asked to describe your strengths and weaknesses, what can you bring in terms of skill to the workplace. These are the kind of questions you can prepare the answers to. You can ask a friend to rehearse with you and make the preparation for your big interview fun.

5. Prepare a list of questions – Most people think that when they go for an interview, they have to answer all the questions and ask none. This is a mistake. Most interviewers appreciate questions. This shows that you have prepared and researched before coming for the interview, and that the job is important for you. Do not ask questions like “How much will I get paid?” or “What benefits will I get?” first. Save these for later. Ask questions that are more position and company oriented. Ask those questions relevant to information given by the interviewer.

Preparing for an interview can be daunting – but by following the 5 steps above, you’ll be ahead of the game.

Tony Jacowski is a quality analyst for The MBA Journal. Aveta Solution’s Six Sigma Online offers online six sigma training and certification classes for lean six sigma, black belts, green belts, and yellow belts.

Good Recruitment Interviewing Skills Training Make Recruiting the Right Person Easy

May 16, 2011 Posted by

Good Recruitment Interviewing Skills Training Make Recruiting the Right Person Easy

When you invest in new staff, you want to make the wisest decisions possible. It is in your best interest to make sure that the decision you make is made on an informed basis which has been brought about by the training you have received for recruitment interviewing skills. It is time well spent reviewing resumes and conducting informative interviews to make sure you hire the best people for the job. When you hire the right people to begin with, you will save yourself a substantial amount of time hiring and training replacement staff down the road. The more skillful you become at recruitment interviewing skills the easier you will make the recruitment and management process

By hiring the right people, you will also be saving your company recruiting and training costs. As a leader, your company trusts you to interview and hire staff that will benefit the company. Let’s discuss these and other reasons in further detail.

7 Reasons to Hire the Right People the First Time:

1. You will save yourself time interviewing, training and hiring down the road. It takes a lot of time (and money) to advertise open positions, review resumes, screen applicants, set up interviews, conduct the interviews, extend offers, and then start training the new staff. The less time you have to spend doing this work, the more time you can spend leading, motivating, developing and training your team.

2. You will save the company recruiting and training costs. Just think of all the people that a new staff member spends time training with:

* A Human Resource manager to go over paper work and company policies.
* Yourself or a trainer to go over on the job coaching and training.
* Fellow staff members for job shadowing.
* A corporate trainer for soft skills training.
* A trainer for technical training.

That is a lot of time and as they say time is money. If your recruitment interview skills produce a staff member who is willing to contribute to the company’s success, then the time is well spent. If the new staff member is not excited about his job, or worse hates his job, then it is time (and again money) wasted.

3. You will increase productivity and have less hassle as you try and ramp up new employees. When through correct recruitment interview skills you hire the right person the first time, your business will experience an increase in productivity. The new staff member will be motivated to jump in and learn! Once all your staff members are in place, you won’t see your time being wasted from constantly having an empty chair to fill.

4. You will increase customer satisfaction. New staff members who have been recruited correctly through the best practices of recruitment interviewing skills techniques will be easily trained in your ways of doing things, they will be open to learning and training. It will be easy for you to train them how to handle a wide range of customer service situations. Eventually they will need little assistance from you. Customers will appreciate their courtesy, professionalism, and efficiency. If you are constantly recruiting and interviewing new staff, you will have more customer complaints about unknowledgeable, unhelpful, and inefficient staff.

5.  You will increase morale and see less distraction. There is no doubt about it; a high turnover causes quite a bit of distraction among other staff members. There are questions floating around about why the staff member left, if he was terminated, if there is going to be layoffs, etc. If it is the case where you had to terminate the staff member, (even if the staff member had to be replaced because you got it wrong through poor recruitment interviewing skills) other staff members will wonder who’s next? This distraction decreases morale and can negatively impact the entire department. When the right people are in place, morale is high and there is much less distraction.

6.  You will build team spirit. Staff members that know each other, enjoy working together, and are motivated by a leader (you!) build a strong bond powerful, dynamic team spirit. It is more difficult to build this team spirit when the members of the team are constantly changing and you are spending all your time on recruitment interviewing.

7.  You will give your company a good reputation. Applicants often ask about a companies staff turnover rate. When you have a low turnover rate, your company will gain the reputation as an employer with a first-class reputation for looking after their people. In fact many companies are now finding it is money well spent training their leaders and managers in recruitment interviewing skills and saving money on recruitment costs.

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Helpful And Easy Tips For Interview Questions

May 12, 2011 Posted by

Helpful And Easy Tips For Interview Questions

It is very important to have a source of income especially in our society, so that we can tend for our needs as well as our wants. Having a job can be really hard to achieve if you don’t have self confidence within you. It is because of the reason that whenever you are trying to enter the workforce, you will be screened just like any others. People will ask questions and your answers will be graded. If they like your skills, attitude and outlook in life, then you get the job. Right now, there are over billions of people living in this world and that means more competition.

If you want to nail every job interview that you go to, it is very important that you dress the part. Here are some tips of job interview dress codes:

l  You have to make sure that you have the appropriate interview attire (smart casual or formal)

l  Get your clothes ready the night before so you won’t need to waste time finding your clothes and add to the possibility of showing up late for your job interview

l  Try to do everything in your power so that you will look and smell fresh and pleasant

When you are already being interviewed, you should do your best to look and sound very professional and make a good impression. Here are some tips for interview questionsand the some of the possible questions that may be asked along the way regarding on your behavioral orientation:

l  A situation where you used your logic to solve a problem

l  An example of a goal you have reached and what did you do to achieve it

l  How do you handle pressure? For example, an interrupted schedule

First, you should tell a specific situation (in case when the interviewer asks you a question regarding situations). Then, tell the interviewer the task that needed to be done and how you dealt with it or the action you took and of course, the action that you took. This can be a short but very helpful tip for you to nail that job interview and have a stable source of income.

Know more about tips for interview questions