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3 Tips On Interviewing Potential Employees

May 13, 2011 Posted by

3 Tips On Interviewing Potential Employees

Several things should be considered when employing a potential employee. First, there are some questions should not be asked for legal purposes. Questions such as age, religion, marital status, sexual orientation, and the like can make people edgy. Second, once you hire someone, you are bound to it in many expensive ways, such as salary, benefits and unemployment benefits. so you definitely want to make a good procurement. An in depth interview is the best way to avoid the possible difficulties ahead for you and the employee, if a mismatch is better for both to realize that the person is hired.

1. Resumes should be thoroughly screened

Your time is of great value and should not be used to interview people who do not qualify for the position. Read carefully, and applications will continue in order to eliminate unqualified applicants. Do not be shy to send e-mail or make phone calls to ask for more information before granting the interview. You should limit the number of interviews to five or six, so that we can give each candidate sufficient time and attention, so you can keep everyone straight in the head, when deciding who to hire. The care and attention that went into the application or resume will probably reflect the care and attention that a job applicant will give to his work.

2. Focus on the understanding and attitude

During the interview, spend time asking about the candidate’s critical thinking skills and attitude, and less time focusing on his past performances. An intelligent and enthusiastic person with good attitude, but perhaps less firm will do better than a very accomplished person with a bad attitude. Test the candidate with “what if” scenarios and questions. Attempts to interview with conversation rather than interrogation. The more relaxed and open you make the candidate, is the more you will be able to get a realistic view of what the candidate will be like in a working environment every day.

3. Allow the Candidate to Ask You Questions

Allow the candidate to ask questions about the company, position, and anything else that they would like to know at some point in the interview. If a candidate does not have any questions then it is usually not a good sign. Anyone enthusiastic and curious would have questions that they want to be answered. It shows the applicant’s intelligence and desire to get to know the company when they have questions as well and makes for a better interview. You can learn a good deal about a person by the type of questions they ask and their reactions to your responses. Pay attention to the candidate’s academic achievements and accomplishments but it is important to balance this with the knowledge gained about the true nature of the applicant.

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