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First job interview is an important period in a job applicant’s life and has some specialities which differ it from the other critical points in human beings’ lives. The following paragraphs are going to have a close look at what first job interview is and its features.

Let us start our discussion by defining first job interview. First job interview is a situation in which a job applicant is questioned by an interviewer working as an authority of a company. In first job interview, it is vital for the job applicant to stay calm upon the questions directed towards him/her. S/He must try his/her best to successfully complete the first job interview session.

A significant feature of first job interview is that it often welcomes unexperienced job applicants and educate them in a way that they gain some skills after the first job interview. For example, consider a job applicant behaving strangely during the interview due to his/her poor guesses before the interview. What a good interviewer should do here is to motivate the job applicant to concentrate on the interview so that the applicant’s chance of being selected for the job can be sustained. Such attitudes help job applicants significantly in first job interviews.

Another important concept about first job interview is the randomness of ideas of the job applicant about the interview session. If we look closely at what job applicant think about first job interview, it can be clearly observed that there is not a strict thought in job applicants’ minds about the first job interview. This is mainly due to the fact that first time jop applicants have no experience about what the interview session is like, what to do and what not to do there, etc. These concerns result in random behaviour of the applicant during the first job interview. For instance, a novice job applicant can be easily differentiated from the more experienced ones by observing that first time applicants cannot maintain a stability with their attitudes during the interview. They either be very strict or too relaxed. Adjusting the correct seriousness is improved by experience and this is what job applicants lack in first job interviews.

There are some recommendations for first time applicants about how to prepare for a first job interview. Several online private courses are given on the internet in order to increase the level of understanding of the first time job applicants about the basic concepts in job interviews. There are also many books written about this approach and they can be helpful as well.

To sum up, first job interview is observed to have some different preparation style, attitude to be taken on, etc. than other job interview types. First time job applicants can get better for first job interviews by the ways discussed above and reach a satisfactory knowledge level of first job interviews.