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Teen Job Coaching Workshop

May 22, 2011 Posted by

Teens need to know how to conduct themselves in an interview. This clip shows what NOT to do on your first job interview.

How To Prepare For A Job Interview

May 22, 2011 Posted by

How To Prepare For A Job Interview

Whether it is your first job after graduation or a well-considered career move, you always need to be well prepared for the interview. Ensure that your resume is well written. To stand out from the crowd, a professionally written resume is a wise investment. A well-written resume and cover letter will ensure that you are called for a job interview. The process of interviews intimidates many, but you should look at it as a discussion to determine if you are suitable for the job and if this company is right for you. Keep in mind that being well prepared for an interview is as important as the interview itself.

From the first contact, you make with your prospective employer you will be assessed as a prospective employee. You will be evaluated on your level of professionalism, language, and interest in the position.

Do Not Leave Anything to Chance
Most people find the preparation for the interview more stressful than the interview itself. Your preparation for the interview should not leave anything to chance, as you can be sure, neither will your prospective employer. You should have a specific plan of action:

•    Prior to the interview, do some online research so you know as much as possible about the company and its corporate objective and mission. Make sure your responses at the interview are a good fit for the company.
•    Be sure of the interview format: what do you need to bring with you; whether you will be required to make a presentation, and how long the interview is likely to last.
•    You should be dressed appropriately for the occasion – neatly and professionally.
•    Check out the time required to reach the venue of the interview, and plan to reach at least 10 to 15 minutes early.
•    Rehearse your answers to possible questions.
•    Act with poise and be relaxed.
•    Always carry extra copies of your resume, in case the interview panel needs a copy.
•    Prepare your own set of questions to ask the employer.
•    Be well prepared to answer how your experience, education and skills will be an asset to the position you have applied for.

When answering questions, be specific but succinct – try to not respond with long, drawn out answers. Your complete demeanor should reflect your confidence. Neatly fill out the application form. Greet everyone with a firm handshake, and wait to be invited to sit before taking a chair. Do not slouch in the chair and sit up. When talking, smile and always maintain eye contact. Know all your interviewers by name and address them appropriately.

Post Interview Actions
Once the interview is over, thank everyone present and comment about enjoying being there and your continued interest in being considered for the position. It is crucial that you follow-up with a thank you letter that is short and brief. It should reiterate no more than 3 of your strongest skills that you can offer the employer. Do call the employer and do not email the employer unless you have express permission to do so. This will convey your interest for the job, and will demonstrate your follow up skills and enthusiasm for the job.

The impression you have left, your confidence, poise and posture, along with your knowledge on the subject will be an opening for a follow up interview.

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First job interview is an important period in a job applicant’s life and has some specialities which differ it from the other critical points in human beings’ lives. The following paragraphs are going to have a close look at what first job interview is and its features.

Let us start our discussion by defining first job interview. First job interview is a situation in which a job applicant is questioned by an interviewer working as an authority of a company. In first job interview, it is vital for the job applicant to stay calm upon the questions directed towards him/her. S/He must try his/her best to successfully complete the first job interview session.

A significant feature of first job interview is that it often welcomes unexperienced job applicants and educate them in a way that they gain some skills after the first job interview. For example, consider a job applicant behaving strangely during the interview due to his/her poor guesses before the interview. What a good interviewer should do here is to motivate the job applicant to concentrate on the interview so that the applicant’s chance of being selected for the job can be sustained. Such attitudes help job applicants significantly in first job interviews.

Another important concept about first job interview is the randomness of ideas of the job applicant about the interview session. If we look closely at what job applicant think about first job interview, it can be clearly observed that there is not a strict thought in job applicants’ minds about the first job interview. This is mainly due to the fact that first time jop applicants have no experience about what the interview session is like, what to do and what not to do there, etc. These concerns result in random behaviour of the applicant during the first job interview. For instance, a novice job applicant can be easily differentiated from the more experienced ones by observing that first time applicants cannot maintain a stability with their attitudes during the interview. They either be very strict or too relaxed. Adjusting the correct seriousness is improved by experience and this is what job applicants lack in first job interviews.

There are some recommendations for first time applicants about how to prepare for a first job interview. Several online private courses are given on the internet in order to increase the level of understanding of the first time job applicants about the basic concepts in job interviews. There are also many books written about this approach and they can be helpful as well.

To sum up, first job interview is observed to have some different preparation style, attitude to be taken on, etc. than other job interview types. First time job applicants can get better for first job interviews by the ways discussed above and reach a satisfactory knowledge level of first job interviews.


Tips for the academic interview

May 17, 2011 Posted by

Not sure how to prepare for the campus visit and academic interview? Negotiating an offer for a faculty position but don’t know how to talk about salary? This A to Z presentation from CFHSS Congress 2008′s Career Corner takes you from the job market to your first job. Presenter: Jan Nolan, director of faculty renewal and academic leadership initiatives, University of Victoria. For other videos from this presentation, visit:
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FDM Interview: getting your first job in the IT industry

May 12, 2011 Posted by

Pippa Suskind, FDM Academy Events Consultant, answers common questions for Graduates looking to have their first break into the IT industry. Extract of an interview with TVU Careers. Pippa gives an overview of the issues involved in getting your first IT job and building a career in IT, focusing on the FDM Academy Programme.
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Job Interview Tips – Tips To Successfully Complete A Job Interview

May 11, 2011 Posted by

Job Interview Tips – Tips To Successfully Complete A Job Interview

Are you looking for Job Interview Tips? You’re about to go on a job interview real soon and you’d like some job interview tips. It may be your very first job interview and you’re in the dark as to what to do.

Or, this may be one of several but you remember what a nightmare your last interview was and that the outcome was not good. Too bad. Those are the last words that you remember coming from your interviewer’s mouth.

So, how do you avoid the same thing happening all over again?

You need to put your hands on some sound job interview tips that work. Options? You could go to the person or friend you think of who has been on a lot of interviews in the past. Then you stop and think that this fact may not be a good thing. Why has your friend gone on so many interviews? Perhaps he or she is not the one to ask.

Then your mind shifts to your parents. Surely they’ll know the right thing to tell you. But hold on. It’s been years, maybe decades, since they were on an interview. Could they really have any reliable job interview tips? Probably not, you tell yourself.

You’re really not getting anywhere and you’re wasting valuable time.

Where to turn for sound Job Interview Tips?

It’s time for you to go online and use one of your search engines to track down a good guide which can offer you trusted and proven job interview tips. Why leave such important details to amateurs? A good guide will put you at ease and prepare you in every way for your interview.

What does a good guide with Job Interview Tips look like?

Off the bat, it should be brief, candid, straight to the point, easy to ready and some practical suggestions. Photos wouldn’t hurt either.

A good guide is subjective. What appeals to you may not be the right one for the next person.

What to do? When you find a Job Interview Tips Guide that seems to best appeal to you, have a glance at the back cover or Table of Contents to get a better idea of what the guide offers.

If this still doesn’t help, try asking some friends or family members for referrals to any guides that they may have found useful or which they found vital to their interview because the guide offered great job interview tips.

Now that you realize the importance and usefulness of a guide that offers good interview tips, get cracking and go search for the right one for you. Oh, and good luck with that job interview!

So, do you want to get step by step tips and information that can help you to successfully complete your upcoming job interview? Visit: Job Interview Tips

Interview to Win Your First Job

May 7, 2011 Posted by

Here’s a sneak peek at JIST Publishing’s DVD “Interview to Win Your First Job.” The full program is 32 minutes long and teaches job seekers how to interview well and market themselves. Viewers learn how to make a favorable first impression, decide whether the job is worth pursuing, secure a second interview or job offer, and much more. For more information about this DVD, visit
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Six Things Not To Do On An Interview !

April 25, 2011 Posted by

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