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Getting Hired Faster in High Salary IT jobs Interview Preparation tips

May 20, 2011 Posted by

Getting Hired Faster in High Salary IT jobs Interview Preparation tips

Job seekers feel more confident there are good number of jobs even now.

getting a software professional career has not been painless lately. But here are some ideas which helped in some way for some of the those seeking employment who were working hard for a career too.

Tip 1:You gotta get shortlisted for Interview no matter what.
Dont waste time just debating people will reach out to you, dont visualize somehow your CV will be picked up by hiring team.You got to take action to make your resume reach & do networking with consultants, head hunters to make it happen. {Reaching out|meeting|communicating| through all headhunters, hiring agencies is the best thing, also dont forget to follow the pursuit its critical you followup if you are not getting any interview calls. Consistent follow-up makes results to show to get you shortlisted for job interviews. Dont forget to you have done proper preparation to face the technical interview rounds when you get called for your job Interview.
Never postpone discussion from your side after it is scheduled & you are informed about it ahead of time.

technique 2: Interview process is not going to be smooth & as defined – be ready for anything and everything. Your concentration is you must get job so be prepared to engage in some extra burden/{responsibilities|.

Dont just go by what is stated in the emplyment description.The interviewer may include a lot more functions in the actual profile & ask are you prepared to take up 2 varying roles if you were recommended this job. Do not rebel or show your unhappiness instead see how you can bring up yourself to fulfill even those added tasks.Things take place in strange ways when going through career interviews.Keep yourself conscious & specialized to tackle all the diverse scenarios – each round may take more time to complete, there may be more rounds of detailed , HR or analytical than was originally stated. They may also say that you need to wait for few more days and start interview process again. Be prepared for a long arduous slow hiring procedure.

That gives us our next tip

strategy 3: Have a lots of persistence & never ever convey your displeasure. Always have a very charming communication when talking to the people who are conducting the interview. If you get a chance to talk to the HR or hiring incharge talk to them and try to know what is the normal employing procedure .What is the average hiring completion duration of that company so that you prepare oneself for that .

technique 4: Never do the common error of ignoring planning on your resume as well as doing a analysis on the organization/responsibility for which you are attending job interview.

Lots of candidates do pitiful on this topic. everybody is aware how essential it is that you be flawless about everything that is stated in your cv .Never send or email an obsolete resume to the staffing network or team. That too when you get shortlisted for an interview make sure you do spend time to perfect about your resume, perfect to explain all that you have included about your projects,skillset, knowledge, accomplishment as well as take time to know well about the job opening, go through their job profile description or JD as it is called in some places, comprehend it well and also know about the service business streams, goals & progress.

Tip 5: Never give standard answers for HR queries like strengths,weakness,we give you this job, Talk about your achievements in earlier job/projects and other similar HR questions. Some people who are too busy read about it on internet & give almost same answer in an interviewer. The interviewer is tired of listening the similar answers from so many people.They eagerly wait to hear something unique and original replies. So do answer really from your experience & do not just say the same old copied answers. Give detailed inputs from your experience to rationalize when you are answering these HR questions. It certainly makes a lasting impact.

Be unique in comparison to others in the way you answer and in the way you tackle scenario based questions. Do expect lots of scenario based questions dont just prepare on theory oriented questions. In a way which appears very inline for the company and the role they are interviewing for. How do you do that is by being alert & answering with right attitude. They definitely are interested to hire you.Give them enough reasons to do that .

Free Training PDFs on Software jobs here SoftwareTestingCareer.Com . This blog is not just regarding Software testing but has lots of Career suggestions for everyone interested in Software Jobs. getting hired  Career advice website for general jobs not specific to Software testing . preparation

Secrets of getting a job interview and great job offer: prove your resume claims

May 15, 2011 Posted by

Here’s a fun look at a serious problem — how do you get more job interviews? Then, how do you get the job offer? “Nick Danger”, aka Rick Nelles, president of, says the secret is to prove your performance with an Interview Portfolio (“I-Folio) and Online Portfolio (“E-Folio”). Proving your resume claims helps you get the competitive edge in this tough job market.
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Physician Assistant Jobs – Getting a Physician Assistant Job – Interview Help

May 14, 2011 Posted by

Physician Assistant Jobs – Getting a Physician Assistant Job – Interview Help

Do you know what you want? Be clear about what you want in terms of practice, location, and money. Practice issues include the setting (single- or multispecialty group, hospital staff, or HMO), the type of doctoring you want to do, the kinds of colleagues you hope to work with, the patient load you’re comfortable with, the payer mix, and call and administrative duties. But they also comprise the organization’s style, philosophy, and financial viability, both short- and long term.

Location issues include climate, geography, cultural and recreational opportunities, religious and educational facilities, character of the population, community size, and safety.

Among the money issues are not just how much you want to receive in salary, benefits, and incentives, but also how much the compensation package is worth in that geographic area. A salary of 0,000, for instance, goes a lot further in Minot, N.D., than in Marin County, Calif.

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Prepare your questions. The interviewing process can be demanding, and exhausting. It’s easy to lose your train of thought and forget key questions. Many physicians believe that bringing a list into the interview will convey insecurity. It won’t. Interviewers will generally view your written questions as a sign that you took the trouble to prepare and that your interest in the job is sincere.

Among the questions to ask:

What type of person are you looking for? Are doctors here expected to socialize for business purposes outside of work? For example, a practice might require you to put in 12-hour days and then attend administrative meetings held informally on Saturdays at the golf course.
What’s the evidence that the area needs another doctor with my particular talents and skills?
What’s your practice philosophy? What will you do-or refuse to do-for patients. An OBG, for instance, may want to know whether his colleagues perform abortions and sterilizations or use epidural anesthesia.
How does the practice assign patients?
What percentage of my patients will be managed care. Medicaid? Medicare?
What’s the typical age, education, and socio-economic level of the patients I’ll see?
How many hours per week will I be expected to spend seeing patients in the office and in the hospital? Will I have to go to satellite locations?
How many patients will I be expected to see in a week?
How much call will I have?
Will the organization help my spouse find employment?

Also ask subjective questions: “What do you like best about working here?” “What bothers you most about the job?” “What do you do for fun?” Don’t be afraid to pose the same questions to a succession of interviewers. You may be amazed at the variety of answers. The diversity can give you a well-rounded look at the opportunity.

Talk money last. You have to ask hard questions about the dollars at stake, but resist the urge to bring up the subject in the first half of the interview.

Questions to consider asking if the interviewer doesn’t bring it up first.

What’s the starting salary?
What’s the signing bonus, if any?
Is there a productivity bonus. How is it figured?
Is there an income guarantee?
What can I expect to make in, say, five years?
What’s the income-distribution formula?
What costs will I be expected to assume. For instance, some employers won’t pay individual malpractice insurance premiums. Some will, but won’t cover the “tail” if the doctor leaves.
What restrictive covenants will I be subject to?
How soon will I be considered for partnership. What formula determines the buy-in price?

Give positive feedback. If forced to choose between two equally qualified candidates, an organization will virtually always make its offer to the one who shows the most interest in the position and who seems most likely to accept it. So a simple way to gain a competitive edge is to make your positive feelings known.

Be specific in your compliments: “Your office setup is very welcoming to patients.” And if you really want the job, say so in no uncertain terms: “This seems like a wonderful place to practice. I know I’d be happy here.”

This article was published by Cejka Search and originally appeared in Medical Economics Magazine. Copyright by Medical Economics Company Inc. at Montvale, NJ 07645. All rights reserved.

Getting Job Interview Help for Aviation Jobs

May 14, 2011 Posted by

Getting Job Interview Help for Aviation Jobs

The economic outlook of the commercial airline industry is bearish as big players like Northwest Airlines and Delta Airlines and local players like Flight West Airlines and Cathay Pacific have gotten into financial trouble or gone into bankruptcy.  This has been a result of the global recession and hasn’t been helped with the recent troubles attributed to the Icelandic volcano and the resulting ash clouds.  As expected job cuts loom, the market is now saturated with experienced but unemployed individuals who are vying for the reduced vacant aviation jobs. The chances of successfully landing a job in this highly competitive job market are slim, especially if you are unprepared for the targeted employer interview questions.


Importance of Interview Questions Coaching


There are specific employer interview questions for different airline jobs. Meaning, there are different sets of interview questions for airline pilots and flight attendants. However, employers want to know your experiences, skill sets, and core competencies to make sure that you can handle your job in any given situation. There is a growing need for job interview coaching from top interview consulting firms because different commercial airlines like Qantas Airways, Virgin Australia (VAustralia) and Virgin Blue have specific requirements and different interview procedures.


In interview questions coaching, an experienced coach will help you prepare for every aspect of the job interview from the way you answer the questions to the manner you carry yourself in front of your interviewer.


One of the common employer interview questions that may make or break your chances of getting the job is “Why choose us?” or “Why should we hire you?” In this case, you have to tell your interviewer about what you can do to ensure their success.  Emphasise that your experience and qualifications meet the company’s needs. Sometimes interviewers ask about certain real-life scenarios, such as making an emergency landing or calming down an unruly passenger, which will test your crisis management and decision-management skills.


On the other hand, if you do not have the extensive experience yet, you have to literally ‘sell yourself’ to your prospective employer. In this case you may impress the interviewer by dressing smartly and having an in-depth knowledge of their company. Most importantly, think about the reasoning behind the questions they are asking you and answer them with confidence.



Getting Job Interview Help


The best interview consulting firms have the most experienced coaches. You may get a tremendous amount of advice from books and self-help videos but job interview coaching simulates an actual interview and in this case, helps you get an idea on how a job interview for aviation jobs is performed. Another aspect to consider is that evaluating your communication skill level on your own is difficult. An experienced job interview coach, who has extensive experience in the commercial airline industry, helps you practice and provides you important advice on what to improve.


Bear in mind that even world-class athletes known for their natural abilities and amazing performances have coaches and trainers to maintain their peak condition and level of excellence.


Considering job interview coaching is a good personal investment because good preparation helps you gain confidence because a confident job applicant will have a good chance of getting the job. If you want to be the best candidate for the airline pilot or flight attendant position, get job interview help for aviation jobs.



About the Company


FlightDeck Consulting is a leading interview-consulting firm that provides job interview coaching services particularly to airline pilots, flight attendants and executives. For many years, it has helped hundreds of clients worldwide secure the job of their dreams through its one-on-one interview coaching sessions. FlightDeck’s success led to development of the Virtual Interview, a new interactive tool designed to improve job interview techniques.


Flightdeck Consulting is a world leader in providing job interview help, employer interview questions and interview consulting.

FDM Interview: getting your first job in the IT industry

May 12, 2011 Posted by

Pippa Suskind, FDM Academy Events Consultant, answers common questions for Graduates looking to have their first break into the IT industry. Extract of an interview with TVU Careers. Pippa gives an overview of the issues involved in getting your first IT job and building a career in IT, focusing on the FDM Academy Programme.
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Getting Hired Faster Interview Preparation Tips

April 25, 2011 Posted by Tips for Getting Hired in Software Company.What you must do to make sure you clear your technical rounds of interview & increase your chances of getting hired is what is covered in this video. Tips to gain more confidence before your IT job interview.
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Getting Good Answers to Tough Interview Questions

April 21, 2011 Posted by

This brief clip provides a sneak peak of JIST Publishing’s DVD “Getting Good Answers to Tough Interview Questions.” The full program is part of the “Getting the Job You Really Want Video Series.” This DVD explains how to analyze interview questions and respond more effectively. It includes valuable advice on how to answer some of the toughest interview questions. For more information about this DVD, visit For more information about the entire series, visit
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How to get a job interview – Tips for getting a job interview

April 16, 2011 Posted by How to get a job interview – Tips for getting a job interview So you know what you want to do when you grow up, finally. But getting started can be tough. It all depends on getting your foot in the door. Career consultant Maggie Mistal explains how to land a job interview. Keywords: get job interview how to get a job interview getting a job interview
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