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Three Tips for Graduates’ Successful Interview

May 26, 2011 Posted by

Three Tips for Graduates’ Successful Interview

Three Tips for Graduates’ Successful Interview

1. Prepare enough information about the company

Before going to the company to have the interview, you’d better search some information about the company on the website or on the newpaper. For instance, you need to be well aware of the job responsibilities and task description of your position so that it is easy for you to talk about the general condition of the work, make reasonable and sound evaluation about the job and provide your personal opinions about the position. If you were the interviewer, would not the interviewee’s behavior make a deep and good impression on you?

2. Leave a good impression on the interviewers

Time for an interview is limited. It may only last several minutes, however, it is necessary for you to leave a good first impression on the interviewers within these few minutes. You need to dress appropriately for the occasion, which does not mean you must wear very formal dresses.

You cannot be late for the interview. You’d better arrive at the interview location 10 minutes before the expected time. According to this, interviewers will regard you that you do pay full attention to the interview, which will undoubtedly to add you more points for the position.
Don’t feel nervous but behave yourselves well during the course of interview. You should give solute to all the interviewers

while entering the door. Then you should sit down naturally. You should keep in mind that every movement of you will be catched by the interviewers. According to your good and impressive behaviors and expressions, the interviewers will definitely take a shine to you.

Try to be a gentle listener while being questioned by the interviewers. Everybody wants to be respected by others, so do the interviewers. No matter what they ask or how long the question is, you should be patient to listen to the question so that you can give an appropriate answer to all the questions. Focus on each question asked by the interviewers.

Remember to say thank you to the interviewers. Although it is not necessary to say thanks at the end of each question, it is crucial to say thank you to them at the end of the interview.

3. Be confident about yourselves while facing the interviewers

You should give appropriate self-introductions to the interviewers. It is not the right time to exaggerate yourselves or to humble yourselves, instead, you should be objective to judge yourselves to the interviewers and you can even give some examples to prove what you said.



9 Tips for a Successful Interview

May 22, 2011 Posted by

9 Tips for a Successful Interview

Looking for a new job can be a frustrating experience. Being prepared and ready for an interview help relieve some of the stress in job hunting. Here are 12 tips that can help to ease your interview process:

Tip 1: Obtain detailed information on the company

It is important that you have the full details of the company you are going for interview. Details such as address, telephone number, name of the interviewer or contact person to see. You need to know the exact location of the company or the location where the interview is going to be conducted by the company. If you are not certain about the location, contact the company to find out where exactly the company is located, what are the land marks that can help you to locate it.

Tip 2: Be Punctual

Don’t be late because you will give a poor first impression to the interviewers. Always arrive at least 5 to 10 minutes before the interview time. Get to the interview location before the time will help you mentally prepare yourself for the interview.

Tip 3: Dress Code Your appearance and grooming are important to give a good first impression for the interviewers. Always wear clean and well-ironed light clothes suitable for day wear. Gentlemen should wear a suit and tie. Ladies make up should be light; hair should be neat and tidy. You need to spend some time to coordinate your dress with appropriate accessories so that you feel confident you look your best.

Tip 4: Switch off Pagers and Mobile Phones

Don’t let your interview process being interrupted by the incoming rings of mobile phone or beeping sound from your pager. Always turn them off before you go in for the interview.

Tip 5: Presentation of updated CV and Certificates

Always carry with you your updated CV, original certificates and reference letters. Present these documents to your interviewer when he asks to see them. Use a neat folder for easy reference.

Tip 6: Be positive at the interview

Be prepared on the questions that you might be asked during the interview. It is important to work out the information your prospective new employers are looking for. Always be positive even when asked a question that is unexpected. You must listen positively when the interviewer explain to you the duties of the job. Don’t afraid to ask questions if you are not clear or would like to know more about the job.

Tip 7: Smile & Maintain Eye Contact

Your body language can tell the interviewer more about you than you realize. It is important to relax and not be tense, to smile and answer the questions confidently. Always look at the eye of the interviewers when you answer their questions and keep your answer clear. Correct body language and a good eye contact with the interviewers will give you a good successful edge.

Tip 8: Ask Questions

Just answering the questions of the interviewers is not enough. Asking sensible questions and showing an interest in the organization indicate to the interviewers your seriousness to the job position.

Tip 9: Thanks the Interviews at the End of Interview Once the interview session is finished, remember to thank the interviewers for their time. If it is your first interview, the interviewers will indicate to you the possibility of a second interview, check with them when the second interview is likely to be and make a note of the likely date so that you do not forget.


Getting yourself prepared, look confident and react positive during the interview session are important factors that determine a successful of your interview.

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Job Interview Preparation

May 19, 2011 Posted by

Job Interview Preparation


Going for job interview and do not know how to prepare! Well, here are some points which you must consider while going for the job interview. Giving an interview is not any straightforward task. Remember that an interview is not any common conversation, but is an examination to assess you. If you are not prepares then you may not give a good first impression and you will have lost out. You must do good, planned preparation for the interview.

Before going for a job interview, assemble all the information about the employing company. Visit web sites and draw out necessary information about the company. Write down the standard type of questions you will be asked by the interviewer and use them to prepare for your answers. Base answers on facts and around your qualifications. Because the entire result from the interview is dependent on how you answer the questions and how smartly you justify yourself.

Always be prepared to be able to say why you are looking for this job and the reasons that this company stands out for you above others. Then questions about your strengths and weaknesses, what are your best achievements are, what you really want to accomplish as a career, what your experience tells you and many such general questions may be asked. The answers to these types of questions should be enlightening and you must validate your points in details. Point out some examples by which you can best explain your answers. Think about examples that you can point out in advance.

Then get the handbook of company’s terms and conditions. Go all the way through it properly and you can save your time during or just before the interview. Collect the hard evidence of what you have accomplished, which will put you ahead of the others who are competing with you. Make sure you resume or CV is up to date and keep it very clean and striking. Carry your most recent updated resume with you, even if already given to the interviewer. Always carry more than one copy of resume with you in case it is needed.

Try to collect and remember the company relevant issues. Prepare some questions to ask about the company role and related topics. Search for the company’s trade and research company policies. If there are any doubts that spring to mind during reading these then take note and be prepared to ask these at the interview, it will show you are thorough and interested in the job.

Always review your aim and goals, both short and long term. Speak clearly and build a rapport. It is important to be honest during an interview in case you are checked up upon. Inform the interviewer how you plan to achieve your goals. Make sure that you have at least two or three good references, which will put you, one-step ahead of the other candidates. Always have a positive mind set, be passionate and focused. Think of various strategies to deal positively with the flaws you have. Try to get some personality tests. Personality tests shows your merits and weak points, and you can act positively based on the results.

Then at the last minute, dress properly. Have a confident demeanour and dress smartly to maximise your chances of success.

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Job Interview Techniques and Advice

May 19, 2011 Posted by

Job Interview Techniques and Advice

The job interview is one of the most important aspects of landing the job you want, and good job interview technique is essential. It can often make or break your chances of getting the position you’ve always wanted. With so many people who may also be vying for a position these days, the fact that you were even called in says a lot about you. However, making a good first impression with the boss or person who does the hiring is just as important. Here are some practical tips to help your interview go smoothly, and raise your chances of being hired.

The first thing you need to do is make sure that you are familiar with the company. Doing some research ahead of time can help you greatly. Know what they stand for, what they do, and some of the aspects of the position you are being interviewed for.

You should always bring in important information that they would need in order to hire you. Identification, social security card, as well as certificates or credentials for any other specialized training. Sure you may have included this information on your resume, but a lot of employers want to look at documentation. For an example, if you are trying for a position as a fork lift operator, or some other heavy machinery, you operator’s license is something you are going to need to bring in to prove that you really know how to run a forklift, or operate a dangerous piece of equipment. Anything you can think of that relates to this should also be included.

Now while all of this is important, one of the biggest aspects of the job interview process is how you speak and how you look. If you are some one who is used to using foul language or making jokes, never do this at a job interview. If the person interviewing you starts making jokes or swearing, this could be a test. It is better to be safe, then sorry. Communicate well, speak in clear, easy to understand sentences, and stay on point. You also need your conversation to flow; don’t just be robotic about it.

Here are some really important tips about your appearance. You need to imagine yourself in the position of the employer. What are they going to look for in your appearance? Men should either be clean shaven, if it is a professional position, or have any facial hair neat and trimmed. Your hair should be clean and neatly worn. Your attire should say to the person hiring you that you are ready to walk out the door and onto the job right away. If you are looking for a working position, like an industrial worker, you should be wearing clothes that are appropriate. If you are going to be working in an office, a suit and tie is considered appropriate, and these should be neatly pressed.

For women: Do not wear much make up; wear just enough to accent your features. Hair should be casually worn, but not too fancy. Not a lot of jewelry or accessories are needed. You can wear either a dress or a women’s business suit. Do not have an open blouse that reveals too much cleavage. You also don’t have to have your blouse buttoned all the way up to the neck either. While there are an abundance of other job interview techniques, advice and tips, these are some of your most important.

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Job Interview Tips: How to be Successful in a Job Interview

May 16, 2011 Posted by

Job Interview Tips: How to be Successful in a Job Interview


A job interview is always a two-way conversation. Any job interview for a candidate serves three purposes, first, to sell oneself, second, to analyze the position that one has applied for, and last but very important, to get their commitment or their reply in affirmative. Thus, it is essential to thoroughly prepare oneself before a job interview in order to leave a lasting impression on the interviewer. And this is where the job interview tips or hints come into the picture. These job interview tips help the candidate in preparing for the interview effectively. The job interview tips are also useful in lessening some of the stress involved in job interviews.

One of the essential job interview tips to help make the job interview successful is to research on the potential company one wants to work for. It is important to find out about the company, what products or services the company deals in and what kind of people work there by visiting the company’s website or talk to someone who is already employed there.

As they say practice makes a man perfect. Hence, one of the most essential job interview tips is to practice the answers or responses to the typical interview questions. Thinking of real life examples to show your competencies is a great way to describe the skills possessed and to promote oneself. Another one of the significant job interview tips include dressing up appropriately and smartly to make a good first impression. A more conservative and professional option for the dress code always works best in a job interview.

Being on time is also considered one of the most important job interview tips as this shows the seriousness of the candidate in the job. Also being aware of the body language while shaking hands, sitting and maintaining eye contact, all of this is some of the important job interview tips that one must be careful about.

While appearing for the job interview, it is also one of the significant job interview tips when answering questions to try and relate what one knows about the company. Similarly, while telling about one’s accomplishments it is advisable to try and match them with the company requisites.

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