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How to Face an Interview – Body Language

May 18, 2011 Posted by

How to Face an Interview – Body Language

Positive body language goes a long way in conveying a good, suitable impression during an interview. Here are some tips to help project the right message non-verbally in front of interviewers.

Make sure you practice them well before facing an interview. So, the first thing that you need to take care of is your attire. Wear neat, clean and well ironed. Opt for cool and light color shades. Guys can opt for lighter shades of cream, white and blue. A few dabs of perfume or a spray or two of a faint deodorant along with a few pieces of mint should do the trick. You’ve just want to smell pleasant, and not a walking-talking room freshener.

Reach the venue before hand, relax, have a cup of coffee. Tidy yourself up and think about how to make the interview pleasant , rather than to imagine how difficult the interview will be. When walking into the interviewer’s room, keep your head straight, shoulders erect and exude confidence. Do not go in with the head down, shoulders or hands folded or lowered. You don’t really want to give an impression of a dejected person, severely lacking in confidence, do you? Feel confident, and you’ll be confident. If an interviewer offers to shake hands, give a single firm handshAKE. A firm handshake doesn’t mean you try break his wrist. Do not go too soft or too hard. A cold-fish (mild) handshake indicates fear, hesitation and lack of confidence.

When you take your seat, relax into the chair. Maintaining an upright position, and most of all, be comfortable. There’s no point slouching or shifting in your chair. Slouching shows your laziness and shifting position may indicate that you are not comfortable with the interviewer. Very often, business job candidates put their hands over their bodies. Don’t. Folded hands is a defensive move, a gesture in order to feel safer. Let your hands lie in your lap or on the armrests of your chair. Maintain a friendly face to show positive attitude. Don’t sit as if interviewer is going to rip you apart and swallow you.

When answering questions, make sure you are clear with an audible voice. If you don’t understand a question, ask for a clarification. Do not respond to questions with a simple yes or no . Always try to elaborate the answer with relevant examples.

Just don’t overdue it. Often times, just a simple smile will do.

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Prepare for a Job Interview : How to shake hands

April 28, 2011 Posted by First impressions are critical, and your handshake will certainly contribute to a first impression. Learn the correct way to shake someone’s hand, and, just as importantly, learn what NOT to do. Learning how to shake hands properly will get your job interview off to a great start. HI, I’m Roz Usheroff an image and communications specialist. People say that the impression clock starts ticking with a handshake. I am here to day to show you how to wow people with a powerful handshake. That is when the first impression begins to count. I would like to introduce you to my friend David Coates. I am going to teach David some ideas about how he can have a more impactful handshake. As we go through the different steps, think about what your handshake is saying about you. So David when you shake hands, what I’d like you to think about is not to drop your hand too quickly. So when you put your hand out, I want you to imagine its going straight out like this, two to three times, and hold for the length of time it takes to learn the color of my eyes. The key here is, if you think about that timeframe, from learning the color of their eyes, it will make your handshake appear a lot more sincere. Another think David that you don’t want to do is flip the person over like this. This kind of handshake looks like it’s controlling and your putting the person on the bottom. Another handshake that you do not what to do is when you take them in a double hand clasp. Unless you

How to Prepare for a Job Interview : The Importance of the Handshake in a Job Interview

April 20, 2011 Posted by

Learn the importance of the handshake in a job interview with expert interviewing tips in this free online career related video clip. Expert: Don Varney Bio: Don Varney was one of the first 33 members of the US Air Force to receive the Professional Performer Award, an award created in 1974 to honor excellence in the Air Force. Filmmaker: Mark Sullivan
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