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How To Face Job Interview Successfully?

May 16, 2011 Posted by

How To Face Job Interview Successfully?

Whether it is your first job interview or second, third et al, every time you are nervous and there is one question that keeps on striking your mind is – How to face job interview successfully?. Whether you should negotiate the salary matter or not. So if you are not prepared then Job interview process can be very confusing and tedious. Furthermore clearing a job interview is the ultimate aim of every candidate. So to do that you must prepare for an interview. Even if it is your second job interview prepare it so that you can present yourself and your work in an organized way.

No doubt that you should look appealing but at the end it will be your knowledge and expertise that will help you to grab the job opportunity.

How to Face Job Interview Successfully

Prepare Yourself for Initial HR Round
Generally every job interview starts with HR round where the questions related to your education, hobbies, interests, your previous job experience (if any) are asked. So make the list of all possible question like

What is your educational background?
Your previous job experience?
Why are you looking for a change?
Why you want to join this organization?
What is your salary expectation?

So it is better to know these job interview question and prepare them wisely. It is better to write answers to these and keep the things in mind. This will help you in maintaining fluency while speaking as in HR round, it is your communication skill that is primarily judged.

Sharpen Your Professional Skills
In most of the job interviews, your technical skills are checked in second round. Now depending upon the type of profession it can be written or oral. For the professions like content, media, journalism it is written but for Information Technology jobs it is oral. Nevertheless you should be prepared to face it. For this brush up the your professional and technical skills.

Job description is really helpful in preparing for a job interview. Read the job description very carefully. Check what has been asked from the candidate. Things that you do not know must be taken at priority. After this you can search for an information on company itself. Like in what product it deals in, what are the different clients and all. Based on that try to find out various questions that can be asked from you.  

This part of an interview will help the employer to figure out are you worth hiring or not. Also the employer will try to find out how well you are able to understand the job and its concept.

Last and Final Job Interview Round

An interview process comes  to an end with the managerial round. Once you have cleared the first two round you will be asked to meet the manager under whom you will be working. In this very general question are asked. Mostly the few questions from the HR round are repeated. Brief process introduction is given to you and how to you improve it generally asked.

Once you have cleared it then your forms are send to HR for salary and for further formalities.
You can negotiate your salary with HR. Never feel shy is telling your expected salary.

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