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HOW TO WIN THE INTERVIEW BATTLES: At Your Job Interview, Be Neither Intimate Nor Distant With The Interviewier- Part 3

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HOW TO WIN THE INTERVIEW BATTLES: At Your Job Interview, Be Neither Intimate Nor Distant With The Interviewier- Part 3

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Before we go into the article proper, let us consider some relevant facts you may or may not know and questions you may have asked or about to ask concerning unemployment and the sure ways to get a dream job:



The world is home to millions of unemployed. This staggering statistics means that at this very moment millions of men and women alike are being subjected to unemployment related poverty and all its ramifications.



Isn’t it amazing that in the face of the above mentioned statistic governments at all levels, especially in Nigeria, continue to be lukewarm about unemployment problems and only pay lip service in public fora where job creation strategies are discussed?



My father taught me when I was young that I had nothing to be afraid of as long as he’s around, I know he’s right.



Can a government play the role of daddy to men and women with regards to unemployment problems?



Don’t you think you may reach your retirement age before you get a job of your dream today, if you fold your hands and wait for the government(s) to get you a job by playing daddy?



The reality today is that your education and training career decisions, professionally crafted resume and excellent performance in the job interview are the sure things that will guarantee you get your dream job. This is why I have decided to focus on helping you through this article to excel in your job interview.

Typical Interview Questions; Tell me a little about yourself? This is not an invitation to go into every little detail about your life. You need to keep your answer to this open-ended question very professional. You will want to give a one-to-two-minute summary of your professional life. Describe a typical workday for you. This is where you will want to highlight the skills that you use in your current job that will be beneficial to the job to which you are applying. You want to make your day sound interesting and full of challenges that you meet and solve. Why are you leaving your job? This can be a tricky question for many job hunters. If you are changing careers, you may want to highlight some of the reasons that you are changing industries. For many interviews, you can say that you are hoping to work closer to home, and that you are looking for a company that you can grow with. One of the answers that you do not want to use is that you are looking for more money. What is your best attribute and what is your worst attribute? Answering the first part of this question is often easy for most people in an interview. It is the second part that gives people trouble. You need to say that something about you is bad, but you do not want the interviewer to see you in a bad light. One of the best answers to the worst attribute question is that you are a perfectionist and that you will keep working on a project until you get every little detail right. What interests you about the job? This is where some of your research will come in handy. You can point out how some of the responsibilities that the employer listed in the want ad are tasks that you have wanted to do. You can also point out that the company is at the cutting edge of your profession and that you want to grow with an industry leader. Attire There is a type of dress code when it comes to a job interview; there are dos and don’ts when it comes to what to wear. Many times, the first impression that you make with the clothing that you wear to an interview is the most important. You will never get a second chance to make a first impression. It is better to overdress for an interview than to under dress. If you are truly unsure about what type of dress is expected at a job, it is wise to dress your best for an interview. This means a suit and button-down top. Keep in mind, though, that this basic interview outfit will be overkill for many interviews. The upside to choosing this tried-and-true look is that you will look pulled together, and there is no way that the interviewer will think that you are under dressed. There are many interview situations that do not require a suit. Many jobs are more casual and, therefore, you can dress down a little bit. For men, a button down shirt and tie with a nice pair of dress pants are OK for a more casual interview. Women can pair a nice blouse with dress slacks or a skirt. The most important thing to remember when choosing an interview outfit is to make sure that you err on the conservative side. Women’s tops should not be low cut, and skirts should be no shorter than knee length. Men should keep the colors of their outfits muted. All interview outfits should fit you well. An ill-fitting interview outfit shows the interviewer that you do not take the time to make sure that your clothes fit. They will wonder whether you will take the time to make sure that your work has no errors. You also need to make sure that your interview clothes are pressed and wrinkle free. This will give you a clean, crisp look. Your hair should be neat and tidy. Any makeup that you wear should be subtle and understated. Perfume and cologne should be skipped on the day of the interview. You want to make sure that your accessories do not make an impression for you. You want to make sure that the interviewer is concentrating on what you have to say and not on what you are wearing. It is a good idea to have two or three interview outfits that you can choose from. Many jobs require more than one interview, and you will need to have different outfits for each interview. Set these outfits aside in your closet so that you know they are your interview clothes. What not to Wear Sweatpants Jeans Sneakers Open-toed sandals Flip-flops? Sleeveless tops Low-cut tops Clothing with stains or holes T-shirts Baseball hats Sunglasses Workout clothing Shorts Skirts shorter than knee length Lots of jewelry Perfume and cologne Bright makeup The Day Of The Interview The day of the interview, you will want to get dressed and pack your briefcase for the day. Inside your briefcase, you will want to place three copies of your résumé and two copies of your references. Other items that may come in handy are a couple of pens and a pad of paper on which you can write information down. Leave for your interview earlier than you think you need to. The last thing that you want to do is be a late for a job interview. Punctuality is one of the most important qualities that employers want in their employees. The best way to make a good impression at a job interview is to arrive fifteen to twenty minutes early. Walk into the company and ask for the person with whom you will be interviewing. Many times, the interviewer will ask the person who you approached about you. You will want to make sure that you give this person a good first impression of you as well. When you meet the person with whom you will be interviewing, you will want to look him or her in the eye. Greet the interviewer with your best smile and a handshake.

The author, Timothy Y. Aboh,Ph.D has over twenty-five years of experience heading Human Resources Departments of top Multinational Firms, where he discovered that the main reasons a good number of College Graduates remain unemployed or fail to get into perfect jobs were the following;

1. Lack of (or little or inappropriate) Educational Preparation

2. Poorly or badly written Resumes and Cover Letters

3. Poor performance at Job Interviews

He has written few books to share his experience with unemployed and underemployed graduates. His other books include:

1. War against unemployment.

2. Winning the career-change battles.

3. Winning the job hunting battles.

4. Winning the interview battles.

5. Winning the resume & cover letter battles.

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