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Guidelines To Attend The Job Interview

May 24, 2011 Posted by

Guidelines To Attend The Job Interview

As the present market situation is becoming worse, it is hard to find a job. Many individuals are kicked out of their companies because of the recession. As most of the companies are cutting down the employment, it has become hard to get into the companies. The competition for the employment is also becoming harder these days. So you must be prepared well and make a good impression during the job interview. Therefore, it is very important to pass the job interview.

It is necessary before you attend an interview. Many people are facing problems as they attend the interview. Even though they distinguish the answers for the questions that are asked in the interview, majority of them cannot pass it. This is because they will get panic during the interview process. You should also know some of the interview principals before you face a job interview.

If you are looking for a job, it is significant that you should know about the work profile. You should also know about the company that you are applying to work. This is because; most of the people who do the interview will check your knowledge by questioning you about their company. You should make the right job interview preparations before you face the interview. If you are looking for an option to know more about the job interview guidelines, internet is the finest option for you. There are many sites that is available on the net, that will offer you more information on the job interview.

The skills that are stated in these portals are suggested by the experienced professionals. They have researched and found the problems that most of the new comers will face during the interviews. As they are new to face an interview, majority of them will be confused and they may not be able to answer the questions that are questioned in the interview. You should be able to answer any kind of question that will be asked in the interview. Attending interview is an opportunity to prove yourself and your talents. Here you should show what you are able of offering to the prospective employers.

It is essential to follow some of the simple steps to pass your interview. As we have mentioned above knowing much about the company is more important while you face an interview. You should also make sure that you are reaching the venue at least 10 – 15 minutes earlier. Your look is also essential that you must lookout when you attend an interview. Your ability and body language also play an important part in the job interview process. The way you present yourself, the way you walk, your fashion sense all will assist the interviewer to understand more about you. These simple tips can make a great difference in the interview.

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Job Interview Guidelines

May 24, 2011 Posted by

Job Interview Guidelines

Guidelines to job interviews help you prepare better for that crucial make or break moment with the employer. Prepare well for your interview.

After searching every job ads pages of every newspaper and every job sites, you are finally called in for an interview. Although securing an employment and not the interview itself is your main goal, passing the interview is a very important phase.

An interview is your opportunity to present yourself, your talents and what you can offer potential employers. You very well know that competition for employment is tough these days. So you have to be well prepared and make the best impression in your job interview. Here are eight guidelines about interview to help you get the job.

Know where the company is. You think this is just a minute detail but it can make a big difference. You do not want to arrive late (and stressed) at your appointment. Prior to the interview, conduct your research and know where the company is exactly located. This important information gives you a rough estimate of your travel time.

Make sure to arrive at the place at least 15 to 20 minutes to allow yourself to freshen up and go to the powder room if you must. Many companies also ask their applicants to fill out application forms prior to the interview proper so the extra time will enable you to accomplish this without pressure.

Your appearance is as significant as your substance. The way you walk, the way you carry yourself and your fashion style speak a lot about you. Researches say that 65% of communication is nonverbal. Image and gestures are powerful factors in a job interview. So you must look decent, confident, poised and smart. Always create an impressive first impression.

Know your talents and potentials. Be confident of yourself and of what you can contribute to the company. Keep in mind your skills, education, working experience and training. Be ready to answer the common job interview questions like, “what makes you the best candidate for the job?” and “what do you have to offer the organization?”

Show a positive manner. This means providing positive responses to seemingly negative-based questions at all times. Never ever give negative criticisms of previous employer/s. You have to keep going even though you made a mistake in some instances. Employers are generally impressed with an optimistic attitude.

Be tactful and honest. Tact and honesty are signs of professionalism and good breeding. Answer all the recruiter’s questions tactfully and honestly. Most interviewers are trained and experienced when it comes to assessing people’s personality. they will always know if you are being truthful or not. This will greatly affect your chances of getting into the second interview and clinching the position as well.

Keep eye contact. Remember that eyes are powerful. Most recruiters and executives take notice of the body language of a potential worker and this covers posture, mannerisms and eye contact. Avoid looking away when hard questions are thrown into you. Maintain eye contact and smile during hand shakes and introductions, as this shows openness and friendliness.

Keep responses clear, concise and specific. You need not give long, irrelevant details to questions except if you are asked to provide more details. Limit your answers to not more than 3 minutes per question. Be specific and give quantifiable as well as concrete information. Avoid the tendency to over generalize.

Be prepared with your success stories. Do this by creating a list containing your skills and accomplishments. Think back of your previous work experience and choose two or three cases wherein you were able to successfully utilize your skills.

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Job Interview Guidelines To Perform Well

May 21, 2011 Posted by

Job Interview Guidelines To Perform Well

If you are the one who cannot pass the interview, this article is the finest option for you. The tips mentioned in this content will help you to prepare well for the job interview. If you utilize these tips properly, you will be capable to attain the success in the interview procedure.


It is very important to set up a day before you face the interview. You have to make sure that you have to be on time to face the interview. Know the address of the office properly and prepare according to it. Learn the right route to go for the interview. Prepare your time and know how long it will take you to cross the traffic. It is also important to carry the information of the contact person. Note down his or her full name and also their designation. Carry an interview folder or case that includes the contact details as well as a photocopy of your newest resume. Make sure you are having more copies of resume.

Do The Background Study:

It is also necessary to know some information about the company you are planning to attend. You also get an option to search about the company on the web. Try to gather more information about the company by logging into their websites. Having the background information of the firm will help you to convince the interviewer. Prepare for the questions that can be asked by the interview person.

Preparation of the Portfolio:

You must carry the photocopy of all your documents like your educational certificates, experience letters of the previous companies, medical checkup certificate, ID proof etc. You can also carry any reference which you have to give for the interviewer with these documents. Carry the information of the search that you have made about the organization. Put all these details and documents in a neat file or folder and try to maintain a good looking portfolio. You should also carry a pen and notebook to write down the information in the interview process.

Evaluate the Bio-data/Resume:

Thoroughly evaluate the resume before preparing for an interview. Be aware among the red flags you have such as the gaps in the employment history or the reason for leaving your last organization. Try to provide a authentic reason without offering any bad criticism about your last organization. Note down them and find the answers that will come up on these topics.

Attire matters a lot:

Dressing style also has a significant part in the interview procedure.  You should closely follow the dress code of the interview. Here you also have an choice to call and speak with the HR team to know the particulars of the interview process. These may help you to understand some of the basic information including the interview venue, time, dress code etc. Formal attire is the best thing to flaunt for an interview. Attire displays the respect a person has for the interview. Select a cloth that is fresh and pressed a day before you go to the interview. This will aid you drastically in saving much time in the morning of the interview day.

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