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Interview skills for interviewer and interviewee ? The art of the interview

May 24, 2011 Posted by

Interview skills for interviewer and interviewee ? The art of the interview

The world we live in used to function based on the revolving roles provided and designated by the laws of nature. This however is no longer a fact as most of the time now. The world revolves around the rules set forth by man kind. This change isn’t necessarily a bad thing considering that the world has evolved to become a very well organized and structured place to live for the human race. The earthly relationship structure which we will be discussing on today is the relationship between an interviewer and an interviewee.

To kick things off lets look at interviewing skills for an interviewer. First and foremost the interviewer must be clear on the purpose of him having the interview with the potential candidate. It is not to determine whether or not he likes the person, but more towards the persons capabilities to handle the job and perform. Most interviewers waste precious interviewing time solely on a person’s paper qualifications and achievements. This is not a good way to evaluate a person for a job. No doubt paper qualifications are important but you also have to use the time there to ask slightly personal questions to enable yourself to map out a rough overview of the potential candidates attitude and personality. You will be surprised at how big of an effect an employee’s personality plays in the course of a job.

Moving on we come to interview skills for interviewees. Now when you are applying for a job you must prepare yourself not only mentally but physically as well. The reason I say that is because there have been an increasing amount of interviewees whom go to an interview looking tired and worn out, and in worst scenarios leave from the interview abruptly due to natures call. These are all avoidable situations which a good physical state can clear with ease. In addition to that a very important skill to have during an interview is personality. Just simple gestures such as smiling, politeness and a welcoming persona, will propel you to the front of the candidates. The more memorable you are the better because a lasting impression is what you should aim for the moment you step into that room. In regards to that remember not to come off as fake or overly chatty or else you may annoy the interviewer and destroy any remaining chances you have towards getting that job.

Amirtha @ Divnesh