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Interview skills for interviewer and interviewee ? The art of the interview

May 24, 2011 Posted by

Interview skills for interviewer and interviewee ? The art of the interview

The world we live in used to function based on the revolving roles provided and designated by the laws of nature. This however is no longer a fact as most of the time now. The world revolves around the rules set forth by man kind. This change isn’t necessarily a bad thing considering that the world has evolved to become a very well organized and structured place to live for the human race. The earthly relationship structure which we will be discussing on today is the relationship between an interviewer and an interviewee.

To kick things off lets look at interviewing skills for an interviewer. First and foremost the interviewer must be clear on the purpose of him having the interview with the potential candidate. It is not to determine whether or not he likes the person, but more towards the persons capabilities to handle the job and perform. Most interviewers waste precious interviewing time solely on a person’s paper qualifications and achievements. This is not a good way to evaluate a person for a job. No doubt paper qualifications are important but you also have to use the time there to ask slightly personal questions to enable yourself to map out a rough overview of the potential candidates attitude and personality. You will be surprised at how big of an effect an employee’s personality plays in the course of a job.

Moving on we come to interview skills for interviewees. Now when you are applying for a job you must prepare yourself not only mentally but physically as well. The reason I say that is because there have been an increasing amount of interviewees whom go to an interview looking tired and worn out, and in worst scenarios leave from the interview abruptly due to natures call. These are all avoidable situations which a good physical state can clear with ease. In addition to that a very important skill to have during an interview is personality. Just simple gestures such as smiling, politeness and a welcoming persona, will propel you to the front of the candidates. The more memorable you are the better because a lasting impression is what you should aim for the moment you step into that room. In regards to that remember not to come off as fake or overly chatty or else you may annoy the interviewer and destroy any remaining chances you have towards getting that job.

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Job Interview Practice Can Make All The Difference

May 21, 2011 Posted by

Job Interview Practice Can Make All The Difference

If you get a call back or invitation to interview from the hundreds of resumes you have submitted to potential employers, then you need to take this opportunity very seriously indeed. You may not get many chances to present yourself face to face in an inteview situation and while there are employers looking for qualified candidates, there are also a high percentage of qualified candidates applying for the same position as you. To prepare for your interview, consider taking advantage of job interview practice tools and services. While you may know that you can be a valuable asset to the company you are interviewing with, the company only has a limited period in which to form an impression of you and your abilities and you need to give the best first impression that you possibly can. By receiving job interview coaching, you can participate in mock interviews and touch up your social and interviewing skills and you will improve your chances of getting the attention you need and deserve to be hired.

Resumes speak volumes about your objectives, experience and education so when you are sitting face-to-face with a human resources manager or other interviewer you will need to portray professionalism and confidence. One of the primary reasons a qualified candidate is not hired is because they lack the necessary interview skills to communicate their value to the company. When you are interviewing, it is all about branding yourself and promoting your value. While you may not want to come off cocky, you must come off confident in yourself, your abilities and the values you can provide the corporation.

If you are looking for job interview practice, there are many beneficial tools and coaching services available online. By participating in mock interviews, coming up with a list of questions to ask the interviewer, and doing research on the company you are interviewing with, you are much more likely to receive a favorable response. Getting feedback on how you perform in an interview situation when under pressure is invaluable. Making mistakes is natural and we all do it, but it is much better if you can get this out of the way before the day of your interview. Learing from mistakes is not something you want to be doing after you have missed out on a job opportunity. When you are going for interviews it is essential that you take the time to prepare, prepare, prepare. Always walk into your interview with a positive attitude and be prepared with a great reason why you should be hired and why you are the one candidate who is right for them. With the right tips and preparation, you will shift attention directly to you when managers meet to make their final decision.

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Preparing for a Job Interview: A Great Job Interview Guide Can Make You a Top Candidate

May 18, 2011 Posted by

Preparing for a Job Interview: A Great Job Interview Guide Can Make You a Top Candidate

When you’re preparing for a job interview, it’s common to get nervous about what kinds of questions you’re going to be asked by the interviewer. You know you’re going to get some common questions, as well as, a few curve balls. But, the questions aren’t the only part of the interview that can trip you up. There’s all types of things you need to be concerned about, from the type of clothing you wear to what you had to eat before the interview.


Just landing an interview these days is a big success. Now all you have to do is show the employer that you’re the right fit for the position. This is easier said than done, because there are all sorts of subtle things, that will happen between you and your interviewer, that can make the difference between them being very enthusiastic about you, or, wishing  the interview ends in a hurry.


You may not even be aware of these subtle signals you’re giving them, but to the interviewer, they stand out like a sore thumb. This is why it’s always good to get some kind of job interview training that helps you to improve your interviewing skills.


Even if you think you already know how to present yourself well in an interview situation, there’s always things that you can improve upon that will give you the edge over your competition. Remember, you’ve only got one shot at meeting this employer. If you blow it, you’ll have to wait who knows how long until the next good opportunity comes along.


This is why you need to be able to give it your all while you’ve got this golden opportunity. Now, there are a variety of job interviewing tools and resources online that can give you much needed tips and techniques. You can spend a lot of time tracking down all of these tips yourself, or, you can invest in an interview guide that has everything right there in one place.


Is this type of informative guide going to cost you a bit of money?


You darn right it is.


But, let me ask you this, how much is it worth to be able to confidently stroll into an interview, already knowing that you’re going to become one of their top candidates?


What? You think this isn’t possible? Well, I can assure you that it is.


All it takes is knowing things like: how to dress to impress, how to use your body language to your advantage, what words to say that makes you more attractive to an employer, being aware of what you should not do, and dozens of other little things that most people never learn.


The best interviewing guides are designed to be like a mini super course that teaches you exactly how to become a desirable candidate . Believe me when I say that it’s not all about the resume. Sure, your resume gets you in the door, but when you come face to face with a real live human being, it’s another story.


The truth is, employers hire people who they like and feel comfortable around. From the moment you hit that office, to the time that you leave, you’ll be judged on how well you fit in with the rest of the people who work there. This is a reality that everyone looking for their next job has to face. The more likeable you are, the better your chances are of getting the job.


So, what makes you more likeable?


Ah, you see that’s the difficult part. There are some tried and true techniques that can really help you out with that, but, of course, you’ll need to read the guide to find out what they are.


Discover the hidden interviewing secrets that will help you impress any employer, and get them to say – you’re hired! Go here now:

Job Interview Skills Test

May 17, 2011 Posted by

Job Interview Skills Test

Too often you don’t have days or even hours to prepare for an important interview. Considering there are entire classes offered regarding interviewing skills, it’s a bit much to expect you to learn everything you could possibly need to know in a matter of an hour, but you’re in luck. You don’t need to know everything under the sun about interviewing; you just need to learn the basic interview skills as quickly as possible.

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Below are the most important job interview skills. To learn them quickly, simply read the skill, practice it on your own or with a friend and then move on to the next. Go back through the list a few times in this manner until you have all the skills learned in isolation. Then, with the help of a friend (real or imaginary), sit down for a mock interview to practice, putting all of your new skills together.

The most important asset in business is a firm handshake. To shake a hand properly, the web between your thumb and hand should meet the web of the other person’s hand. When the two webs meet, grasp the other hand firmly without trying any arm wrestling moves or squeezing too tightly. Look in the other person’s eyes, smile pleasantly and offer a genuine greeting. Then release. If the other person offers you a weak handshake, follow through with your own firm one as this sets the tone for the entire interview.

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You’ll be asked to sit and when you do, sit comfortably with your feet on the floor and lean forward in your chair slightly to show you’re interested in the interviewing process. Avoid lounging in the chair and especially crossing your legs as these can be taken as signs of disrespect to the professionalism of the interview and interviewer.

When the interviewer is speaking, nod your head and make acknowledging sounds to show you are listening. Keep natural eye contact throughout the interview.

You should have copies of your resume and references or portfolio with you when you arrive at the interview. Carry them in a leather folder in case the interviewer needs another copy.

Hopefully you’ve had time to at least organize your thoughts about your past jobs and careers and what you’d like to do in the job you’re interviewing for. You should also be ready with strengths and weaknesses – especially weaknesses. When asked a question, don’t blurt out an answer. Stop and think about the question to help you frame your answer carefully. You want to be sure to answer the question while shedding as much positive light on yourself as possible.

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Improving Interview Skills For The Seasoned Worker

May 14, 2011 Posted by

Improving Interview Skills For The Seasoned Worker

After years of employment, you may find yourself back in the job market searching for a new position.  As a seasoned job seeker, you may have forgotten the more common interviewing skills that are needed in order to have a successful interview.  These suggestions and tips are vital if you are to be considered for any position in your field, and with the competition being younger and possibly cheaper to employ, you’ll need all the help you can get.

Interviews today are very different from the way they were conducted ten years go.  Employing companies are looking for possible candidates that can bring more to the table than the basic skills that were required in the past.  Many companies desire more “bang for their buck”, and the younger generation come to the interviewing table with dual certifications and/or degrees.  The more marketable a person is, the more likely they will be hired. 

One aspect of the interview that will never change, and is the most obvious, is dressing accordingly and conducting yourself with poise and professionalism.  Wearing jeans and a sweatshirt to any interview, no matter what the venue, will not impress the powers that be.  Depending on the type of interview and type of position you’re applying for, your appearance may be a key factor in whether you get hired for the position or not.  As for the way you conduct yourself; there at no time should be any discussion of inappropriate topics, cursing or swearing, or any conversation that may make others uncomfortable with the suggestions that are made.  Yes; this should be obvious, but it still needs to be said for there are those folks out there that feel these behaviors are acceptable.

Another way to improve your interviewing skills is to practice your responses in the mirror prior to any interview.  Some companies will provide you with basic interviewing questions before you actually meet with them.  If that is not the case, you can visit any online career helping site and use their practice interviewing questions.  Be sure to know at least three positive skills that you can bring to the company if hired, and also be aware of areas where you need to improve your skills.  Always be honest and upfront with a new potential employer for it is very easy to find out if you were lying. 

Below you will find additional suggestions on your quest to improve your interviewing skills.

When questioned about prior employers or the circumstances for why you are no longer employed by them, be honest about the separation and never speak ill about the company or your prior boss. Do some research about the company you’re interviewing with prior to the interview.  Being prepared and having some knowledge about the company could work in your favor. Have all pertinent documentation with you at the time of the interview.  That means any letters of recommendations, references, transcripts or education proof, and such. Have a few questions prepared for the interviewers on topics you’re concerned with.  It shows interest in the position and the company, and will leave a positive impression with your interviewers. 



Crazy Interview. Very Funny !

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Crazy Interview Test Pt. 1. Interview with Norwegian popstar Bertine Zetlitz under extreme conditions. Journalists must be able to interview people in very stressing enviroments (war etc). So they test this guys interviewing skills by distracting him. She’s basically just being asked questions about her music career. -Team Antonsen.
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Job Interview Skills

May 5, 2011 Posted by

Pamela Eyring, Director of the Protocol School of Washington is interviewed by Hannah Horne of NBC affiliate WIS-TV in Columbia SC as part of an ongoing WIS-TV series. In this segment, Pamela give tips on proper interviewing skills and techniques.
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Interviewing Skills for Managers: A Training Tool for All Managers

April 19, 2011 Posted by

Good staff lead to good programs and it all starts with the interview. This DVD and CD-ROM workbook will teach the manager how to be a better interviewer. This training program also provides interviewing tips and specific questions to ask to assess various skills.