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Some Job Interviews Questions and Answers

May 19, 2011 Posted by

Some Job Interviews Questions and Answers

Your hard work of sending all those attractive cover letters and resume finally paid you off and you are called for a face to face job interview. You have to really work hard to face a good interview, so better prepare before the better are chances of walking out the interview with smiling face.

There are dozens of other highly qualified applicants trying for job, it is necessary to prove yourself extraordinary than others. The only thing that will help you out is practicing job interviews questions and answers. It gives tact how to sell you to a forthcoming employer during the decisive first meeting.

* Tell me about yourself?
This is a typical opening question in an interview, answer should be short, be specific and try completing the introduction in short period as possible, and you will have to cover four important topics: early years, education, work history and recent career experience. Don’t waste you important points here.

* Why did you leave the last job?
Always give positive answer for this question, do not discuss any major problem with the previous organization. Never speak against the supervisors, co-workers or the organization, it shows your inadaptable nature. Talk about positive aspects that you are leaving for fast growth.

* Do you consider yourself successful person?
You should always say yes and give brief supporting explanation. One of the good statement will be you have set goals, you met some but you are trying hard to achieve remaining.

* What is your teammate’s opinion about you?
You will have to be preparing with a quote or two from your teammates like, they comment you are really a hard worker person with dedication to your work. The comments should be along their name.

* What do you know about the organization?
This is related to how aware you are about the company, and your willingness to work there. Find out all the things related to company since its foundation to the recent projects or recent news about company, its services, products, branches across the world.

* Are you applying somewhere else?
Be honest but don’t west your valuable time in answering it, be focused on your goal.

* What attracts you towards our company?
Such questions sometimes play very significant role in your selection but only if, you are prepared with your job interviews questions and answers. The answer will be totally dependant upon your research, in what area is company growing, whether it is research and development, finance, powerful management, so you should give answer related to the company requirement.

* What exceptional things you can do for us that someone else can not?
You can answer this question, tell about your previous achievements, previous records of successful completion of things in time. Discuss about your abilities, interest as you stated them in your resume and make yourself important in front of interviewer.  ]

* What kind of salary you are expecting?
This can be very disastrous question if you won’t answer it sensibly. Try to avoid it, say something like “that’s tough question”, or can you tell me the range for this position.

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How to Answer Job Interview Questions ? Common Job Interview Questions

May 17, 2011 Posted by

How to Answer Job Interview Questions ? Common Job Interview Questions

No one likes to be interviewed especially when it comes to job interviews. Even so, you probably have to undergo some job interviews during your working career. However, not everyone knows how to answer job interviews questions.

Here are some sample job interviews questions and answers.

The most common question most job interviewers will ask is tell me about yourself. It is a open ended question and most people are actually stumped by this.

A simple and short explanation of your qualifications and work experience will do. Try not to talk more than 2 minutes. Some skillful interviewers will use what you say to get more information on the areas he or she is more interested in that is related to your potential job position.

It is important to listen carefully to the interviewer. Never rush to reply an question asked by the interviewer without thinking through first. Of course, you should not take all day to answer a question as well. That is why preparing for common job interview questions is important.

The next most common question is why do you want to leave your current job? It is best not to speak badly about your previous employer or the fact that you need a higher salary.

You can say you are looking for better career prospects and you believe your company fits those criteria.

Another common job interview questions is what are your strengths and weakness? Again, most job applicants have no idea as they did not prepare the question before hand.

Most interviewers will want strengths that fit in the job description you are applying for. For weaknesses, well, we all have weakness but you should buffer your weak points by pointing out a strength that can compensate for it.

These are some of the most common job interviewer questions. The most important thing to note is to prepare well before attending the job interview and be confident and look smart.

Learn how to answer job interview questions. Discover what are the common job interview questions and how to answer job interview questions correctly.