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Job Interview Questions for Managers To Check Management Skills

May 16, 2011 Posted by

Job Interview Questions for Managers To Check Management Skills

You got an interview call for a managerial post and wondering what sort of questions will be asked from you in the interview. All managerial jobs for managers revolve around the concept of managing employees, resources and how to make the best combination of these to get the maximum out put both in quantity & quality.  Further manager has to explore the areas that needs improvement. How manager will tackle weak performing employees is also the part of job. So all the interview questions will be related to your hand on experience with employees and work rather than just education & other credentials. Now whether you are going for accounting job, engineering job, airline or another managerial job it is your confidence and communication skills with experience and education that will matter the most.

Top management skills are checked through the job interview questions for managers that are framed to evoke the reactions of the candidate. In the answers the candidate’s way of thinking is judged & he or she is checked for the present job. So job interview question are made to check management skills of the manager.

In management interview questions areas of competence are checked. The area of competence are clear direction, communication skills, decision making capability, quality to motivate people & delegation of duties to sub ordinates. Employer will frame the job interview questions in such a way that employer can explore the properties in the candidate to check his or her suitability for the post.

Top Job Interview Questions for Managers To Check Management Skills

How independently you take your decision? Your past experience with under performing employee? What have you done? Was there any improvement in employee’s performance? If not, what was your next step? How quick you can take the decision? How many decisions that you had taken in the past were right & generated the positive results? How you coordinate the work with your team? Do you set target for yourself & for your team and what do you do to achieve the targets? Are you a multi-tasking personality? How you perform under dead lines & work pressure?

Some Management Interview Questions & Answers Need Detail

Describe the philosophy of your management and what you try to add in the organization’s improvement for its cultural & environmental growth. Explain the factors that are important for the growth of the organization.How you check employees performance?

Some very general top management skill job interview questions
Why are you changing your job? What are your future goals? What do you know about this company? What are your strength & weaknesses? What an employer will check in management and skill job interview question answers?

Employer will check how  you are going to give the answer. How comfortable are you while giving answers that are asked in the   level interview. The way you are citing the examples & describing the situation will tell the employer whether your experience & credentials are genuine or not. Do not prepare on ready made answers as the answers to the interview question at managerial level should come in a flow. For manager job, how you are using your thought process is also checked. If you have ready made answers then employer will come to know that you do not have any experience in this but you are just giving the memorized answers.
So you must make yourself familiar with the company to which you are going for an interview. Along with this also just go through the interview question for hiring mangers at home so that you do not look or behave blank. At the need if you are asked to ask some question from the employer then do not hesitate but do not ask personal questions like when the appraisal & how much it will be done. You can ask about the work environment & what is expected from you as a manger if hired.

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Interviewing Advice and Tips for Hiring Managers

May 15, 2011 Posted by

Interviewing Advice and Tips for Hiring Managers

The interviewing process can be extremely stressful for all parties involved.  While there is no exact science to selecting the right candidate to fill a position within your company, there are some simple steps you can take to narrow down the search.


You should always be prepared in advance for an interview.  You should be familiar with exactly what the job requirements are, what responsibilities the job entails, the salary that will be offered, and any other pertinent information regarding the job itself.  You should then learn as much about the applicant as possible prior to the interview, review the resume, and prepare a list of questions.  This list should consist of both standard questions and specific questions.  These questions should include prior work history, the candidate’s aptitude, and particular skills needed for the job position.  This information can later be used to compare applicants.  Always set reasonable time limits for interviews and specific meeting times.  Any references supplied on a resume should also be checked prior to beginning the interview.


It is very important to collect as much relevant information about the candidate as possible during the interview.  Let the candidate talk freely when answering questions and try to avoid leading him/her in the direction you would like the answer to go.  Find out as much as possible about the applicant’s prior work history, as past performance is a good indicator of future performance.  Ask well thought-out questions that will require some contemplation by the candidate and will give you some insight into his/her thoughts and standards.  Determine if the person has a positive attitude, is a self-starter, works well with teams, and if they easily complete tasks on their own.  Pay attention to how well, and how easily the candidate answers and listens your specific questions.  Be aware of what questions the person asks you, especially the first few questions, as these are usually the areas he/she is the most concerned with.  Take as many notes as you need as this will help you more accurately remember each person later when comparing applicants.  It will be very difficult to remember each individual after the interviews have concluded, so you may want to write a brief summary right away or come up with a rating system to help narrow down the results more efficiently.


Always look and act professional during an interview.  If the applicant feels as though he/she cannot take you seriously, the interview will be of no benefit to anyone.  Always dress appropriately, and be prepared to answer questions about your company as well as provide all necessary job information.  Attempt to make the candidate feel at ease so that he/she will be more likely to speak freely.  Try to avoid dominating the conversation; one tool many interviewers use is the “80/20 rule”.  This is when the interviewer talks 20% of the time and the candidate talks 80% of the time. 


Treat each candidate equally, fairly, and courteously.  Use your list of standard questions for each candidate, and give each person the same amount of time during the interview process.  Always keep all questions job related and never ask any discriminating questions.  Many companies have at least two people conducting all interviews so that other opinions can weigh in on the best possible candidate for the position.  Be respectful and show an interest in each person.  If the interview takes an unexpected turn, conclude it early, but do not engage in an argument or other inappropriate behavior.  Conclude each interview by thanking each applicant for his/her time and let him/her know when a response can be expected.


When used efficiently the interview process is an invaluable tool.  Utilizing these guidelines can help make selecting the right candidate for your company a little easier and less nerve-racking for everyone involved.

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Interview Tips and Guides for Hiring Managers from ReadytoManage

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Anne Sandberg, author and Selection Expert talks about how HR managers can assist their line managers conduct more effective selection interview through the use of tools and structure, such as Interview Guides from ReadytoManage.

Medical Sales Interview Attire – Managers Speak

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Interviewing Skills for Managers: A Training Tool for All Managers

April 19, 2011 Posted by

Good staff lead to good programs and it all starts with the interview. This DVD and CD-ROM workbook will teach the manager how to be a better interviewer. This training program also provides interviewing tips and specific questions to ask to assess various skills.