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Job Search Tips: 5 BIG Mistakes You Must Never Make

May 23, 2011 Posted by

Oprah’s job search expert offers reveals vital tips on how to impress employers with a better resume, polished interview skills, and savvy salary negotiations skills. Robin Ryan has spent the last 25 years helping career counseling clients just like you land a new, better paying job. She offers career coaching and job search services to clients nationwide. Robin Ryan is the bestselling author of 60 Seconds + You’re Hired, Winning Resumes, Soaring on Your Strengths, and Over 40 & you’re Hired! Her strategic advice will help you move ahead of the competition to land the job you want.
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6 Job Interview Skills Teachers Never Taught You

April 25, 2011 Posted by Ifyou are jobless and can’t figure out how to write a resume no matter how hard you try, here is the secret that’s helped over 20000 job seekers! Watch your FREE VIDEO right now at
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