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Interview Skills| Perfect Practice Makes Perfect Performance! 5 Ways to Practice

May 21, 2011 Posted by

Interview Skills| Perfect Practice Makes Perfect Performance! 5 Ways to Practice

As with any performance ,such as acting or public speaking, the more you practice the better you will get at it.

It’s not enough to know the answers. You must be able to deliver them in the best possible way.

More importantly, practice should be such that you can eliminate what are seemingly obstructions in your communication. so must be learn and improve with each practice session. merely doing the same thing over & over again, may just prove harmful rather than helpful.

here are my 5 suggestions for practicing:

1. Write all your answers & have them approved by a language expert
At a campus recruitment session once, I noticed all the students making the same grammatical error, until I realized that the mistake was a result for blind cut-copy-paste method for resume building.

2. Record your answers on a tape/CD/Computer/Phone/recording device & listen to them
You will notice your pitch, volume, speech slurs, use of fillers like hmmm, etc. Keep correcting this and keep re-recording till you get it right.

3. Once you think it is perfect, get it approved by a speech expert/ or someone you think has a good ear. correct what they tell you to and re-record.

4. Now stand in front of a mirror & practice.

5. Confident? good. Now record the same on a video recorder/camera phone and again show it to friends/family/mentor etc.

remember, Perfect practice makes perfect performance.

Prabhjot Bedi
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A hospitality trainer, recruiter & career coach he assists some of the best brands in hospitality.

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