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Interview Skills And Life Long Learning

May 21, 2011 Posted by

Interview Skills And Life Long Learning

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A job for life? Forget it!

When I first started work in the late seventies, you could finish one job on a Friday, go down to the employment exchange on Monday and start your next job on the Tuesday. It was that easy.

I remember those days vividly, it seemed to take a long time for anything to happen. It was rather dull actually, but because that’s the way it was, and it was all that we knew, very few people could be bothered to challenge the status quo.

The world has moved on a great deal and experienced incredible change both socially and economically. The global economy, immigration, technical progress and innovation – too much change some would say.

Changing and changing fast to this new reality is the only way to survive.

I am very proud of the work that I do now and as well as my overall achievements since I left school. What a journey it has been!

I was lucky. I went to an excellent school with teachers who cared and it was a super atmosphere in which to learn. Education is the most wonderful gift and the best experience open to man, and something of a privilege in this sometimes unfair world.

Interestingly (apart from writing, reading and arithmetic), very little I learnt at school is relevant to my work as a speaker and trainer. The work scene has so enormously changed that it’s imperative to adapt and reskill many times to remain employable.

A prime task in interview coaching is making this sometimes painful point. Some skills have an incredibly short shelf life. For example, if you study a four year university course in ICT, fifty per cent of what you learn is obsolete by the end of the course. Learning, personal development and communication skills have never been so highly valued as they are today. Your commitment to self-development at your own expense and in your own time is a certain method of attracting your prospective employer’s attention.

Naturally, there is no guarantee that your extra curricular activities will land you that excellent job, but it’s certainly worth developing, putting on your CV and discussing at the interview.

Vince Stevenson is one of the UK’s top speaking enthusiasts as well as an award winning trainer in the field of personal development. Vince works at the College of Public Speaking, one of the UK’s leading presentation skills companies and has taken over the personal development brief. Visit the College of Public Speaking at: Interview Skills London Interview Techniques London

Direct Sales – No Holds Barred Interview

May 15, 2011 Posted by On the beach in Fiji with Brian Swan & Drew Innes DrewInnes, Entrepreneur, Peak Performance & Income Strategist – Home Business Industry For the past two decades, Drew Innes has served the needs of clients, business associates and employees in the Construction, IT, Finance and Personal Development Industries. As a practitioner, literally someone who has walked the talk, Drew is a recognised leader, organisational manager, negotiator and peak performance recipient, who has been recognised for his strategic intellect and ability to inspire others by influence and through action. Drew’s defining moment came at around age 13 when his parents were divorced and there was a personal realisation that; “If it is to be, it is up to me”. The realisation that there was no ‘safety net’ or silver spoon having grown up in very humble surroundings created the ‘hunger’ for what began as a young person’s desire to help himself and other individuals to transform the quality of their lives. Drew has spent the past 20 years studying, practicing and applying personal development and peak performance strategies initially in a corporate role in construction and more recently private enterprise and has personally founded, funded and managed (in the field and as a corporate executive) four businesses in four different industries. A successful entrepreneur, Drew has served as Director of seven privately held companies in industries as diverse as construction, information