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Prepare For A Job Interview Tips And Tricks

May 16, 2011 Posted by

Prepare For A Job Interview Tips And Tricks

Do you need to Prepare For A Job Interview? You’re one of the fortunate few and you’ve been given a date for an interview. Now you’re asking yourself: how do I prepare for a Job Interview?

Some general ideas

What do you need to arm yourself with? Well, the first thing that comes to mind is an updated resume. You need to pull out that old copy that you made ages ago and make it fresh and new and easy to read. Do a bit of research on your own to see how to do this. Just remember that a well-written resume is key.

How about a portfolio, a presentation of samples of your work? Depends on what line you’re in.

These and other pertinent details you’ll need to address to prepare for a job interview.

More personal details

Next, you probably need to think about your personal appearance. You’ll need to be well-groomed and well-attired.

Depending on what sort of environment you’ll be working in should dictate your mode of dress. If it’s a nightclub, then you wouldn’t want to dress in jacket and tie for an interview.

You’d probably dress in a smart long-sleeved shirt with a smart pair of dress pants and shoes. Make sure that you give those shoes a good polishing. You need to make a mental checklist of details such as these.

On to personal grooming, have an objective look at yourself in the mirror or ask someone close to you to give you honest feedback on your general appearance. Make sure that you get that much-needed hair cut or trim, not just on your head but facially, as well. Not just fellas, but gals too!

Don’t forget about your hands and fingernails. Make sure to remove any dirt or grime from these and a professional manicure wouldn’t hurt. While you’re at it, try and have a facial at the same time. You can probably find an affordable Day Spa that offers a combination of procedures.

Oh! one more thing, Cologne. Leaving your interview with a great lingering scent is a far cry better than leaving behind a bad odour. Wouldn’t you agree?

Your Conversation

Make sure that you’re prepared to converse intelligently on your area of expertise or job offer. If you need to make a presentation, then you’d better do some research on this as well.

A sensible suggestion right now would be to encourage you to get a good guide on How to Prepare For A Job Interview.

There are so many details involved in making sure that your interview goes well that you wouldn’t want to leave anything to chance. Do the safe thing and search online for a guide that will equip you with vital answers and arm you with the confidence you’ll need. After all, a job interview can change your whole future.

So, do you want to prepare for your job interview on the best way? Visit: Prepare For A Job Interview Guide

The Life Advice #4: Job Interview Tips

May 10, 2011 Posted by

A caller asks for tips and tricks for her job interview preparation. Hosted by Cris Mertens and Jesse Chapman with special guest JD Dillard. Find us on Twitter: and Facebook: A Flea Circus Entertainment Production Produced by: Brandon Lee Tenney Cris Mertens David Sigurani Jesse Chapman Josh Henson Max La Bella The Life Advice is made available for entertainment purposes only. Our content is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice or common sense. The Life Advice is not responsible or liable for any advice or any other information that you obtain from our videos or sites. By submitting your questions, you agree to have your name, city, state, and question included in our show. All submissions become the property of Flea Circus Entertainment and may be used, edited, republished, or republished in any manner and in any media throughout the world in perpetuity without compensation.
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Interview Preparation Techniques: Introduction

May 7, 2011 Posted by

I have created these twelve commandments of interviewing to better prepare you for your interview. The caveat is the most important part of landing a job is selling yourself in the interview. Unfortunately, most people do a very poor job. When candidates do devote any time to employment preparation, it is usually spent on developing and sending out their resume. However, as you will soon learn, resumes dont get you hired. Instead, human resources often uses your resume to screen you out! As a recruiter with over 23 years of staffing experience, I have filled many hundreds of jobs worldwide for such clients as ITW, Intermatic and Wrigley Company. During that time, I have accumulated many tips and tricks. For example, there are special ways to answer interview questions that will increase your probability of employment. Every month for the next 12 months, I will share some of my interview knowledge with you. Though every job, employment situation and staffing circumstance is different, these interview tips will apply to a wide range of jobs and employment opportunities. Think of them as interview gold! Please check in every month for a new interview tip. I hope you enjoy them all. To learn more please go to our website at
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How to prepare for MBA admission interview

April 22, 2011 Posted by

This video tells you the tips and tricks for cracking MBA admission interview. Apphelp ( ) provides MBA application consulting and essay review service for applications to b-schools all over the world.

Successful Job Interview Makeup Tutorial + Useful Tips and Tricks

April 19, 2011 Posted by

Hi guys, this is a video that was requested by xgirl2740 for a job interview makeup. In this video I used drugstore, or cheaper kinds of makeup that are easily obtainable without breaking your bank. I also decided to also include a couple of advices that always worked for me. Please enjoy and ask questions, comment, rate and subscribe. Love, Ameera
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