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Employers Encouraged to Undertake Interview Training

May 16, 2011 Posted by

Employers Encouraged to Undertake Interview Training

Businesses are being encouraged to invest in interview training as many use the procedure as the sole selection tool when recruiting.

Research by XpertHR revealed that more than a third of employers use only selection interviews when recruiting new workers as the majority believe this to be the most effective method.

The employment law experts discovered that two-thirds of employers thought selection interviews were the best recruitment technique and 63 per cent of businesses used them in conjunction with other techniques.

It was also found that a third of organisations do not provide their staff with interview training prior to the selection process and this could result in them recruiting an unsuitable new employee.

Recruiting an inappropriate worker for a position due to an ineffective recruitment process can result in high staff turnover which may lead businesses to call in performance improvement consulting experts.

When interview training was provided, it was revealed that nearly all employers covered equal opportunity employment legislation issues and three quarters highlighted anti-discrimination laws.

Rachel Suff, the author of the report, said that it was important to invest in interview training as it was an integral way in which companies could improve the effectiveness of their recruitment process.

She said: “Training interviewers in interviewing skills is a prime example of how recruiting organisations can enhance the objectivity of interviews and avoid covert discrimination creeping into the process.”

XpertHR’s investigation uncovered that 90 per cent of public sector organisations were likely to offer interview training and line managers held the most responsibility as they often took control of the process. Meanwhile, it was reported that major private sector employers such as Microsoft, McDonalds and Tesco have been in talks with the government about how to get more people into employment.

Prime Minister David Cameron said: “We can only get our economy back on track by creating a climate in which the private sector can grow and develop, creating jobs and opportunities for people across the country.”

Dr John Philpott, chief economic adviser at the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), warned that making an increasing number of private sector jobs available would have little impact on the overall employment market in 2011.

The CIPD predicts that 200,000 people will lose their jobs over the next twelve months and average earnings will rise at a below-inflation rate of two per cent in the coming year.

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