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Working Home: Preparing for the Job Interview

May 23, 2011 Posted by

Working Home: Preparing for the Job Interview

We all go through the common nervousness associated with a job interview but an interview for a telecommuting job, holds to a higher plane and needs as much preparation it can afford. With that being said, you can’t predict what questions the interviewer will ask, but you can be prepared. Here are a few tips:

Be ready.
This may seem standard; however, if it’s important to make sure when the interviewer calls, you’re prompt, and your background is quiet. Make sure that you don’t speak too softly or too fast as the interviewer will probably be taking down notes. Also, be prepared to cover job descriptions from your resume and be sure to note how the experience relates to the position
you are applying for.

Be confident in answering questions.
You’ll be asked questions like “Why do you want to work from home?” “Why do you feel you are qualified for the position?” Examples of instances from past jobs relating to customer interactions and responses. For each of your answers, be professional. Do not mention the need for a job, wanting to work home to be closer to family, or anything that does not involve your position. You want the interviewer to control the call, while being completely focused on your skills. The attitude you want to convey throughout the call, is the fact that you can get the job done and do it better than anyone else. If that type of confidence is not heard within your voice, there’s a chance you’ve let a great career slip through the cracks. Don’t let this happen.

Make sure to ask the interviewer questions.
Having prior knowledge of the job and company is key to impressing the interviewer. Make them aware that you know your stuff and ask questions related to your position using your knowledge. For example, if you read in a press release that ABC Company just released their work home program in Jan of 08, you can use this information as a base to form your questions. Your question can go something like, “I was reading in a press release about the work home program implemented in Jan of 08. I’m curious to find out about the time frame for advancement while working from home.” This lets the interviewer know that you understand the job, and the company; while hinting your interest staying within the company long-term.

It’s perfectly normal to be nervous. But as long as you are qualified for the position and prepared to answer questions relating to your experience, you have nothing to worry about. The key to selling yourself is confidence, confidence and more confidence. So research, prepare your environment, and stay positive and you next call about the job will be the one stating that you’re hired.

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