The Quick Interview and Salary Negotiation Video

May 9, 2011 Posted by

This clip offers a sneak peek at JIST Publishing’s “Quick Interview and Salary Negotiation Video.” This DVD is 30 minutes long and part of the “Quick Job Search Video Set.” Viewers will learn proven strategies for landing interviews fast, being effective during the interview, and negotiating for the best salary. For more information about this DVD, visit For information about the complete set, visit

4 Responses to The Quick Interview and Salary Negotiation Video

  1. MedSalesRecruiter says:

    Love the screening via the telephone and email by the CEO. I can see how that makes a lot of sense for his employee screening.

  2. groomtroy says:

    Interview Questions: How much did you make on your last job? I hate that question, I feel that information is very personal and it has nothing to do with my current salary expectations and/or the salary I will request for that position that I am being interviewed for. Can anyone give me an tactful answer to that question, one that won’t hurt the interview? Thanks.

  3. welliamin says:

    @groomtroy – You can say that I have a gentleman’s agreement with my employer where I am not able to disclose the exact figure. However, I am happy to suggest a range that I would like to earn.

  4. groomtroy says:

    @welliamin Excellent thank you. That is really good.

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