Top 36 Job Interview Questions and Answers 2010

April 15, 2011 Posted by

Top 36 employment interview questions with answers asked during an interview. 1. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Response: You want to grow into the position and into a more responsible and respected positions, but still doing the work you care about. You also might want to add: Hopefully I’ll be alive, healthy, happy and thriving in this career. That you hope to be one of the best loyal employee and continue to work for this firm. Please let me know if there is another document I can create to assist you at interviews or in your job search. Thank you for viewing — I hope you have a superb day… :-)

25 Responses to Top 36 Job Interview Questions and Answers 2010

  1. HillDueceua says:

    god job interviews are such unbelievable bullshit.

  2. HillDueceua says:

    @felisdomesticus5676 good question. I guess it’s to see how well assimilated you are into the depressing machinery of society.

  3. vanjastojanovic1 says:

    Thank’s a lot!!!!

  4. popstarprincess123 says:

    wait is it better to take a internship or go heads on without any experince and if it is inportant to intern put up a video about that and questions that i might have or something thx

  5. vanjastojanovic1 says:

    Thank’s a lot!

  6. srbumblediva says:

    I was asked this strange question at an interview, “You seem so happy at this interview, how will I know that you are always going to be like this? Or is this just for the interview that you are cheerful?” I responded that I am a happy person, this is my personality. How do you answer such a weird and rude question?

  7. hyerxmas says:

    I shiver and tremble alot during interviews, this video gave me more confidence..thanks for putting up this video.

  8. malaysiabender says:

    helpful video; however, a lot of the questions were repetitive..

  9. HeyDeeXoxo says:

    @srbumblediva Lol that was a weird and rude question but i think you handled it well. You could also say I’m happy overall because I’m looking forward to all the contributions I will possibly make to your company. Always redirect the question back to the company when in doubt.
    I have an interview tomorrow(my first) I’ve done some research and am pretty confident :)

  10. basicsurfer08 says:

    lol office key was funny

  11. GetJobHelp says:

    Good video! This was very helpful! For more helpful tips Google the book Dorm Room to Boardroom. This book is filled with amazing knowledge and good tips!

  12. YourPCGuruJim says:

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  13. BabiuuRobertaa948 says:


  14. polley2716 says:


  15. polley2716 says:

    Check out and see 400 hours of researching how to land a job can help you!

  16. kotraquin says:

    yea I got the job at McDonalds!

  17. demoss83687 says:

    Spelling error at 1:37 “AM” should be “AN”

  18. orbz01 says:

    Thank for sharing this video it can realy help me a lot :D GOD BLESS

  19. WhatDawnDidInHeels says:

    Very helpful..thank you.

  20. CareerConfidential says:

    I give a lot of job interview tips on my channel, too!
    (but with a Texas accent)

  21. 287kmbotley01 says:

    have a interview tomorrow hope i get it

  22. dinovodka says:

    Thank you for uploading this. After viewing this, i just realize of the mistakes i did for my few previous interview. Now im going to start preparing for the future interview with these info’s Cheerio*

  23. jsmit177 says:

    Great Video Thanks!

  24. E1shadwell says:

    thank you for your tip

  25. addison1977 says:

    One of the more succinct and intelligent of these types of video I’ve seen on here. Thanks! ;)

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