What are your strengths?

May 19, 2011 Posted by

Capella University’s Career Center offers tips for improving your answer to one of the most common interview skills, “what are your strengths?”.

8 Responses to What are your strengths?

  1. LairOfMetal says:

    lol there was a microwave beeping during the good response lol

  2. CapellaCareerCenter says:

    Hello LairOfMetal, yes, videotaping near the lunchroom had its challenges!

  3. CapellaCareerCenter says:

    The Capella Career Center would like to cover career-related content that is on your mind. What topics should we try to cover in our upcoming videos? Post your idea here!

  4. NayNay9111 says:

    she just sounds like shes reading off a peice of paper!very robotic

  5. CapellaCareerCenter says:

    Hi NayNay9111,

    Thank you for your feedback. This was one of our earlier videos and we hope that we are improving as we go. However, we are not professional actors, we are professional career counselors.

    We’ll use your comment in our attempts to continually improve!

    Capella University Career Center

  6. Jackie2383 says:

    Hi, this was so helpful..thank you very much for posting!

  7. JSuavinson says:

    Very Helpful with my interview, thanks

  8. whome452 says:

    thank you for this video i have an interview with a district rep coming up i a couple hours and this will indeed change my answering thoughts.

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