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May 24, 2011 Posted by

Whether your next job interview is a big success or a huge disappointment could rely on how you look and what you wear. These expert tips will help you shine on the big day.

8 Responses to What to Wear for a Job Interview | Monster.co.uk

  1. ShannonBusiness says:

    Good advice! Thanks!


  2. BusyBeingFabulous says:

    wow the woman at 0:13 walks in a very weird way, more like a man with her legs and feet opened apart. The outfit she was wearing really awful.

  3. betty4gators says:

    @BusyBeingFabulous i thought i was the only one thinking this! what a strange ugly outfit and like you said her walk is very weird!!

  4. CrazyEddi3 says:

    This is crap and blatantly obvious.

  5. dukeT1102go says:


  6. StandardBlueCaboose says:

    Okay, so for the question at about 2:45 — the man in the somewhat bright green shirt is less hireable than the awkwardly dressed woman? And I think that red is brighter than the man’s green.

    Plus, she’s a woman, so it’s not like she’s gonna get the job anyway, Amirite? (That’s awful, but sadly it’s probably true.)

  7. ilonaloha says:

    Her dress looks like what I wore in the Brownies in 3rd grade.

  8. suziebeattie22 says:

    Ok, so lot’s of advice for what men should wear in informal/formal settings but none for women. Fantastic.

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